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JWB’s Dogger-In-Chief Poppy Tries To Crash The Mahindra TUV 300 Into An Ice Cream Van

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  •  October 26, 2016


Hello, I’m JWB’s Dogger-in-chief Poppy. My mom Lavanya has been vigorously training me to become the coolest dog in the world. And, I woof you not, I’m on the right track. Today, I decided to sit on the other side of the table.

I wanted to be the dog that drove the shiny blue car, called the Mahindra TUV 300 at K.S. Motors showroom, while the ones from outside would be barking. Heh, do you want to know what my stray friends would say?

So, you think you can drive, eh? Next thing you know you’ll be ramming into an ice-cream vendor’s cart, and we’ll get to eat all the spoilt ice-cream.

Komal mausi and I would jump inside the car, and the TUV 300’s AC made sure that we have a ‘chilled out’ time. Woofeehehehehe.

But, alas, all my dreams shattered when I tried to get inside the TUV 300.

Even while we were standing there waiting to steer away, because photographer Pallav was clicking pictures, we turned the Eco option of the AC on, which goes easy on the fuel.

Komal mausi was already sitting in the driver’s seat. Was she going to take me at all? The car was so ridiculously huge with enough space for 7-8 people, and I wouldn’t care even if I had to sit on the back seat!

I ran to the other side of the car and jumped in. “I CALL SHOTGUN FOR ETERNITY!” I yelped.

Do what you want, just let me drive!

Komal mausi, the mean mausi of them all sat in the driving seat. Now, to my stray friends, I’d seem like an ordinary doggette going for a regular vet examination. Since she’s tall, she didn’t need to adjust her seat, had I been driving, I’d have to! She even tilted the steering wheel as per her comfort.

The interiors of the car seemed pretty much how the babies of Neo……. & I would look. Black and beige. “You’re doing a decent job at driving this monster, Komal mausi,” I smirked, hopping around in the car. Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling the tiniest budge in it. I’m sure it was the car since it offers excellent control and good ride comfort, too.

I pranced on Komal mausi, but the arm rests on both front seats saved her. “HAHAHA! Now just sit down and put on your seat belt, Popper-in-chief!” Let me take you for a proper ride. First I thought I’d sleep in the gigantic leg room that the car offers, but I changed my mind.

Komal mausi is evil! She’s taking me for off-roading. Needless to say, I put on my seat belt, not because the evil mausi told me to, no sir! It was only because the seat belt warning sign promised me a treat. Click. The whole time, I was ranting “ram ram” like Aamir Khan in the movie Ishq. Picture nahi dekhte kya ap?

She was speeding up, and the car, being a good girl, took over and automatically locked the doors. So much for safety, evil mausi!

I realized that off-roading was actually fun. My Komal mausi might become my favorite again… I’ll think about it.

Hmm, the car had many spots to store dog treats, and enough for human treats, too. Blogger mausis could’ve easily thrown in mobile phones, all the coca-colas in the world, and more. The storage capacity was more than sufficient. The car is also pretty good with potholes thanks to the ground clearance of 184mm and wheelbase 2680mm. When Komal mausi carelessly steered into a few of them, I didn’t realize much of it.

While I stole a biscuit or two from the storage spaces, I also noticed how smartly Komal mausi was playing the music of her choice. Of course, she wouldn’t want to listen to my banter. The electric power steering wheel incorporates the music player controls.

Yes, I was mad at Komal mausi, I took off the seat belt, and placed my butt on the cushioned armrest in the back seat. Comfy!

Sadly, it was time to go back, so I stuck my head out the window to take in some fresh air and woof hello to my stray friends.

Komal mausi was surprised we hadn’t spent much diesel on the road. With an average mileage of 16.8, looks like mausi will save a lot of money, baby!

When we reached, I ended up getting a lot of treats for being a good girl throughout the ride. I love my Komal mausi, again. But, if you love this car, you can get it for Rs. 7 Lacs to 9 Lacs (Ex. Showroom price). If you want to know more, visit mahindraTUV300.com.

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