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Writer & LGBT Activist Dhrubo Tells JWB How He Out’skirts’ The Homophobic

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  •  January 23, 2017


It was during an Urvashi Butalia session that I silently slipped a note to Writer Dhrubo Jyoti asking him if we could talk. With a smile, he was sweet enough a stranger to reply a yes. 

If you don’t know, Dhrubo is a well-known face of the LGBTQ movement in India. Read below my super quick conversation with him.

What is the most ridiculous question you’ve been asked?

Oh, there are a few of them: 

“When will this phase get over?”

“Still?” (upon meeting a high-school friend after 10 years)

“Do you want me to come along and see a doctor?”

Like most of the LGBTQ people, did you also have to gather the courage to come out of the closet?

My closet never had any door.

When did you start picking skirts for your wardrobe?

Much before I had a wardrobe for myself at home!

Do you raise eyebrows while walking the streets?

I overhear things like “Have you stolen your girlfriend’s clothes?” But as I said, I overhear them. 

Where is the Indian LGBTQ revolution heading?

It’s on fire right now. The way we are coming out in the streets and taking the movement forward is phenomenal. There is no looking back, for sure.

Any morning ritual?

Telling myself how much I love myself.

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