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JWB’s First WOmanager, Juhi Jain, Is Ready To Take Off With Her Dreams

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  •  August 17, 2016


Our team has been working on transforming women into achieving the goals they have always dreamed of but never had the courage to take a step forward. And, that’s how the concept of WOmanagers came about. It was time for the home managers to put their amazing home-making skills and get to work!

JWB invited homemakers who wanted to build their castles but something or the other was stopping them.

We asked them to organize their own events where JWB would happily assist them & make their events successful! Meet Juhi Jain, JWB’s first WOmanager!

Juhi, tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I was born and brought up in Bhilai. I moved to Pune to pursue my CA. I got married two and a half years ago and my husband is an engineer. We live a happy and content life.

What would you do if not CA?

I don’t think I wanted to pursue CA, anyway! I love creativity! For example, I often make handmade chocolates, sometimes I make seasonal sweets, too. I love doing it, and in fact, when I read about WOmanagers, I realized how badly I wanted to take it up!

About WOmanager

Everything you wrote in that article was intended for me. I decided to take the plunge and meet the Jaipur Women Blog team. Yes, it took a lot of convincing to explain my husband’s parents, but once they saw how beautiful the concept was, as well as the way JWB was promoting women, they gradually got on board. 

Tell us about your proposed concepts for your first WOmanaging event.

So, yes, I came up with a lot of concepts, but we have narrowed them down to two. Let me tell you about Plan A, first. It involves grooming maids. I’ll be inviting Chefs of Jaipur to teach maids who cook food to make a living. Cooking is an art, and they should add variety to the art! They could learn how to garnish food, do more experiments, and the importance of absolute hygiene. 

My Plan B was to introduce short workshops on Bartending which is extremely rare in Jaipur. I’d invite people to take courses on Bartending. Isn’t that interesting? 

It is incredibly exciting, actually. Count me in, already!

What does your husband say about your dreams?

Oh, he’s the most supportive husband in the world. I love him so much! He’s always on board with whatever I want to do. He just wants me to be happy!

Aww, that’s so cute!

Tell me about your love story, please!

Okay, so I had come to Jaipur for a wedding. My family told me later that a boy was there to see me. I felt so cheated. They took me to Saras Parlor to meet the guy, but I simply refused. I didn’t even want to get out of the car! But, once I met him, he just told me one thing. “Are you sure you won’t start crying the next moment? Don’t get married if you don’t want! Please don’t cry!”

Then, some days later, he contacted me, and we started talking, and eventually fell in love.

That’s such an adorable and the most filmi love story, ever!

The project is being executed, and JWB will soon invite you to participate in its FIRST WOmanagers event!

Can you relate to her story and want to do something of your own?

‪Team JWB‬ will get YOU to organize events in Jaipur! Take care of the logistics or the finances, bring women together, and bring your ‘A’ game. What’s more?
The profits will be shared with you. AND, the timings will be decided as per your convenience!

Sounds like fun? Write to us at and let’s get the ball rolling.



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