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From Rags, Smita Jaipuria Crafted The Most Beautiful Success Story

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  •  September 9, 2016


The English proverb, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ fits perfectly for Smita Jaipuria.

Smita Jaipuria is the pioneer of packaging and gifting solutions in Jaipur. But, the road to becoming the most popular and trusted name in the field wasn’t an easy one.

Smita explained to us how her current business is a result of many failed ones in the past.

Smita got married at a young age of 20 and came to Jaipur. Soon, after the marriage, Smita’s and her husband, Siddharth underwent a financial mess.

“We, initially, started up with handmade paper manufacturing here. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and we had to close that, too,” she said as we walked past the various sections of the factory where work was going on in full swing, now.

“It was a very difficult phase for the entire family.” recalled Smita with moist eyes, as she showed us her factory, set-up just across her residence.

“So, when did you come up with the idea of packing and gifting?” intrigued, I asked.


“I am a gold medalist in MBA but, paper is in my blood. I can do so much with just a sheet of paper. It runs in our family. I was born in Calcutta and have been to various places with my dad. In U.P., he was the president of IPPTA (Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association) and so, I have visited almost all big paper factories in the country,” she reminisced.

“I always wanted to do something related to paper. Also, 17 years ago, there was no culture of packing and presentation of gifts in Jaipur. All of this paved a way to launching creative packaging and gifting solutions here,” she added. “However, I had no workforce or resources, initially. I started with making envelopes and paper bags at home. The beginning was very modest.”

She continued, “I used to go to MI Road, City area, and other market places to sell these handmade paper bags and envelopes.”

Smita took us to the room where 10-15 women were stitching potlis.

Different designs of potlis

“I try and employ as many women as possible. Most of them have been with me for over a decade, now. They have magic in their hands,” she smiled, “In peak season, I send work to the women tailors or artisans around Rajasthan.”

We also met Sita Ji, their supervisor who has been working for Smita for 12 years now. Smita said, “When they came to me they didn’t even know how to handle a needle. We have grown together, and now they are my family. In fact, I spend more time with them than at home. They have been with me through my highs and lows.”

Sita Ji also expressed that working with Smita has changed her life for better. “My life has completely changed. It’s because of Smita Ma’am that I am living a dignified life and supporting my family, financially. Ma’am has improved our lives, and we shall always be indebted to her.”

Tray packing for Ganesh Chaturthi

“And, you know what? Sita Ji’s son has completed the degree in Interior designing. I feel so happy seeing all of them grow with me. In fact, sometimes, I don’t even have to guide them what to do. They come up with such creative ideas and do it without my help,” Smita added excitedly.

Wooden Box and cupcake plate stand

Later, we proceeded to what I would call an artsy paradise: the display room that had the samples of all the work they do. Everything was divided into sections which included wooden and laser cutting designs, imported collections, metal products, paper goods, bags and potlis, trays, baby shower accessories and gifting solutions, etc.

Leatherette desk organiser

fancy box for sweets, dry fruits, etc.

I swear I could just stay in that room for an entire day and just buy everything out there.

Baby shower chain box with decorative tray

“You have a lot of variety, and you use so many different materials,” I commented, sinking in the beauty of everything around me.

laser cut designs

creative packing of coconut for any occasion

“See, our primary motive was to earn money. And, so we took up any sort of order. So, it just grew like that. Most of these things are manufactured by us which reduces the cost for us as well as for the direct buyers. We specialise in hampers, trousseau packing, wedding gifts, baby shower and announcement gifts and packing, theme based gifts, etc. You name it, and we shall create it.”

hangover kit for weddings and theme parties

“Wow! I am definitely getting all my wedding packing done from here. I swear I am in awe of your work,” I sighed with excitement.

Metal jars

“Who designs all of this?” asked Sanchit, our photographer, who was amazed, too.

“I have not hired any designer. I am the sole designer. Of course, I take inspiration from places, but, as I said, I can do anything with paper. So, I just create keeping in mind the trends and colors of the season,” Smita said.

“But, nothing could have been possible without my husband, children, and in-laws. My husband has supported me throughout the journey. We believe, our kids have been instrumental in our success.”



“When we had our first son, Tanmay, Siddharth and I thought that we have to make things work so we can fulfil all his wishes and give him a comfortable life. My both sons are now teenagers, and I have made them super-independent. They do everything on their own as they know their mommy is busy here,” she continued. “And, I have got the best parents-in-law in the world. Their support has been unconditional. In the evening, when I go home, tired, hot food awaits me. My mother-in-law takes care of the house and kids so I can work in peace and without any tension.”

Sanchit and I enchanted with her humbleness and simplicity, sat there listening to her story while sipping the aromatic Kashmiri Kahwa tea that she specially prepared for us. She also gifted us these cute mug sets and Sanchit’s eyes lit up with joy. I swear! (Tell you a secret, I loved them, too! Shhhh….)

Well, we didn’t just return with the beautiful gifts but with a lesson for life: ‘Be strong and move on, someday you’ll make it through the dark and enter the light.

Thank you, Smita for sharing your story with us!

P.S.– If you are looking for beautiful handmade products and creative packaging, you can contact her on +91-9636922224.



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