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Priya Motiani

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Curious How Your New Sanitary Pads’ Bag Will Look Like? See It Here!

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  •  February 23, 2016


This International Women’s Day, we wish to gift the women of Jaipur a change; a change that will make them embrace their femininity a little bit more, and a bit more strongly.

Through our campaign Bloody Black Bag, and in association with , we wish to replace the black polyethenes used to cover sanitary napkins, with colorful bags. (Because they deserve it too!)

Stage 1: Gather the designs for the proposed bag.

Status: Accomplished. (Remember the designs that the talented girls of Pearl Academy made for us?)

Stage 2: Select the design by public voting.

Status: Accomplished.

Stage 3: Manufacturing.

Status: Work-in-progress.

With the shortlisted designs in my backpack, I went to Kishori Jaipur to discuss the plan of action with Mr. Nikhil Bansal, the proprietor.

Here’s what our readers selected…

Design by Anjali Godhawat

and here’s what Mr. Nikhil picked.

Design by Gunjan Jain

You’ll see these soon in the prime pharmacy stores.

As he spoke to his team about the designs, we also dwelled upon their views on the campaign.

The other female in the room, Pooja, said, “This is not something to be ashamed of, which is why there shouldn’t be a need to hide it.”

“We totally support the cause and are proud to be associated with it,” chipped in Nikhil.

“In fact, our label’s name, Kishori, translates to an adolescent girl. It refers to that phase in the girl’s life when she matures and becomes aware of herself. Having said that, this social initiative comes in perfect sync with our brand’s name and significance,” he added.

On that note, the designs on paper were dispatched to be made into actual designs of fabric. We’re now waiting anxiously for stage 4, wherein we will distribute the manufactured bags to the prime pharmacy stores of the city.

Till then, adios my friends!

Psst! Black bags? Beware! We will find you, and we will destroy you because ours is a bloody initiative!




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