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Mahindra KUV100 Passed Our BFF Test Because She Knows How To Keep Secrets

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  •  October 9, 2016


As a kid, I always fantasized about a handsome guy following me in his shiny red car on those fancy college streets. Does it ring a bell? No? Okay! For those, it didn’t let me remind you of Hritik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam.

What a heartthrob he was! But then who needs a guy anymore when you get to drive your own ‘RED CAR.’ Okay, so I’ll spill the beans. Everything has its first time and so was driving an SUV for me.

The other day office was not just about work and more work; Aastha, Pallav, and I swooped away with the winds in Mahindra KUV 100.

On reaching the K.S. Motors showroom, we got to choose the colour of this micro, but young SUV. Since happiness is driving the red car for me, I took no time to pick on this red beauty.

Just when we hit the streets, and turned the radio on, I started humming, obviously without anybody realizing since I suck at singing, “I like it like that, hey windows down chilling with the radio on…”

Okay enough of me. What actually caught our attention and took us back to our bachpan ke din wale video games was the joystick gear and hand brake that was literally in the hands.

On the green and clean JLN Marg, I decided to hop on the driver’s seat. Being an Agraite, I feel that the seat belt is strangulating me, but then it’s Jaipur and rules are meant to be followed here. While fiddling with the belt, Mahindra executive told me how I could tailor-make my comfort with this height-adjustable driver’s seats feature and the tiltable electric power steering.

While sitting on the co-driver’s seat, Aastha had her time of the life. And while her legs were relaxing in the spacious front seat row, she was kicking up our spirits with random but lame observations. Sorry, Aastha *pulling your happy legs*.

Not just Aastha, Pallav sitting in the second row was a happy person too. Thanks to the comfortable and spacious seats providing enough leg space in this row.

But Aastha’s hands were not at peace. She opened the dashboard that we were told had an AC vent with the storage capacity of 600ml. This cool glove box feature can keep drinks chilled on hot summery days. *Party mode on*

Talking about the storage capacity of KUV100, it has 11 storages. Hunting for who gets it first, well, none of us did. It was then that the khulja sim sim moment happened. So no more worrying about leaving your valuables in your car when in parking, because both the front seat and the rear seats have an under storage feature which can be used to keep cash and other things, without anybody getting to know. For the health cautious what I am, I would keep there the zillions of candies. Away from eyes, you know. Of course, this zillion would soon become the mountain of wrappings. Hey, girl, you will not tell anyone about it, right?!

And how can I not tell you about its boot space!  Well, listen up buyers it has a capacity of 234 litres (expandable up to 473 litre with rear foldable seats). Isn’t it so cool?

There were so many interesting features in the front of the car; we made use of the most of them. So for those who are bad at handling their car music system remotes, there’s something that can come to your rescue. It is the Mahindra Infotech system. This feature works on the blue sense app which lets you set reminders, be the DJ and control the interior functioning of the car with your phone.

Within mere 1 hour, I realized how I am when I am driving. Like I generally tend to drop my phone, sit on my sunglasses and lose my wallet. But I was glad how everything that I tend to lose or break could find a protected space in this car. Thanks to the sunglass holder, Driver-side coin holder and illuminated key ring!

While returning Aastha grabbed the driver’s seat and drove us back. A phone call from my niece reminded the Mahindra executive to explain to us what the ISO fix seats were for. I could totally relate with the advantage of this particular feature since I have to hold my younger niece who is just 2 months old in my arms whenever we are in the car, and this feature lets you fix the chair of your kid and enjoy the ride without any hassle.

Post this he went on to explain about the High Ground Clearance of this car. Wondering what ground clearance 170 and wheelbase 2385 mm meant, I asked. This means that this KUV100 gives you a better control on rough roads and thereby increase the confidence of the driver. Being a first timer with SUV, I totally agreed.

So it got dark by the time we returned back to the K.S. Motors showroom. That’s when we noticed the mood blue lights. That for me was one of the cutest features. They were so soothing to the eyes.

Oh, and how could I miss this! KUV100 can be driven on both petrol and diesel. With a Max. Gross Power of 82bhp in petrol and 77bhp in diesel, this young micro SUV will give you an effortless driving experience even on the crowded of streets. Isn’t that much needed? Also, it gives a fuel mileage of petrol SUV 16-18 kmpl and mileage of diesel SUV 21 Kmpl and has a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres.

Though this SUV has a muscular body, it does have curves too. (Finding femininity in everything).

Its sculpted bonnet made Aastha and I quickly hop on to it and pose it like its candid! I will refrain from telling the backstage story of climbing onto the bonnet. It wasn’t picture-perfect. Also, I would like to mention that I checked after getting down and nothing had happened to the bonnet, Pallav!

Sunglass inspired headlamps and spider design alloy wheels make this badass girl look even tougher.

We bid goodbye to our three-hour companion. Enjoying a relaxing ride with the adjustable headrests in the 2nd row, huge legroom, and headroom, do we for once look tired?

Mahindra KUV is such a smooth baby after all!

The Mahindra KUV100 would cost you anything between 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs depending on the model. Follow mahindraKUV100.com to know more.

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