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Jayati Godhawat

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Mahira Khan’s Comment On Being A Single Mother In Pakistan Is Heartbreaking

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  •  February 10, 2017


Mahira Khan made a lot of news not only for making her Bollywood debut as  Shahrukh Khan’s leading lady in his latest film, Raees, but also for being absent for the movie promotions because of the ban on Pakistani actors in India.

In the latest interview with The Quint, Mahira not only talked about her disappointment of not being able to promote Raees, but, she pointed out a very grave reality of being a single mother in Pakistan.

When asked whether it is far more difficult to be a career woman and a mother in Pakistan, Mahira replied:

“Yes, I am an anomaly in my country.”

With just this one line, she revealed that the world may be talking about women empowerment, but, Pakistan still remains a suffocating country for its women.

And, in the hope that things will change in future, she added, “I hope that in the coming years there will be more women like me.”

Further talking about her juggle between career and raising a child single-handedly, she said,

“It is something which women all across the world do. I do only one film at a time. My first priority is my child. So it’s a lot of hard work. But it can done. It’s all about choices. Many times, I have to let go of good work. Fortunately, the work I’ve done has worked for me.”

Our heart reaches out to Mahira and we, too, hope that the situation in her country changes and women are given equal opportunities and rights to live their lives on their own terms.

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