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Men Are Prohibited At The Concerts Of Jewish Indie Rock Band

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  •  July 26, 2016


A Hasidic Indie Rock Band, Perl, is a Brooklyn-based group consisting of the Founder and Singer-songwriter Perl Wolfe, Cellist Elisheva Maister, and Violinist, Dana Pestun. 

The distinctive quality about them is that they only perform in front of women and women-identified audiences which they say is a religious belief of their community.

“I grew up in a Hasidic home so having a separation of the sexes in certain places is pretty common. There’s a law in Judaism for men not to listen to the singing voice of a woman who is not an immediate family member,” said Wolfe in a video about their band and work.

Their music, too, is inspired by Jewish teachings and scriptures, and the teachings of the Chassidic movement within Judaism.

Kol Isha, the teaching of Judaism, states that a woman’s singing voice is something that can be sensual and thus, should be reserved for that woman’s family and partner.

But, the most admiring thing about the band is that instead of considering it as a constraint, they perceive it as an opportunity to empower women through giving them a chance to “rock out” at the women-only concerts of the band.

 “I would say one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the Hasidic community, people think that women are totally oppressed, that women can’t be leaders,” Wolfe said in the video. “I felt very much empowered as a woman spending time with other powerful women and having time to connect and having our own space.”

Certainly, it’s a matter of perspective. Change the way you see things and it shall change your life.

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