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Himanshu Roy

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So This Is Where Most Of The Women Solo Travelers Are Heading To!

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  •  July 15, 2016


If you are a travel-junkie, you are definitely going to love this! Apparently, the number of women wanderlusts has substantially increased in India and every day more and more women are hitting the road in their bid to travel solo.

A recent report published by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation shows that more than half the numbers of the single-member overnight trips made in the country involved women. This revelation is surprisingly refreshing since we all know how numerous inhibitions – such as safety and the false notion that women are vulnerable when on their own – often go against the travelling woman.

The report shows that among all the favorite destinations of women travelers, Punjab is the one where highest numbers of women have travelled in recent times. Telangana is also another destination which seems to have managed to strike a chord with women travelers.

In the report, it has also been said that out of the 11 lakh people who have travelled to Telangana in recent times, around 60 percent are single women. So does this mean that women travelers are not only increasing day by day but are also outnumbering their male counterparts in some cases? Hell YEAH!

The survey has revealed that when it comes to the southern states, women travelers have travelled extensively in these areas and most cases they took trips to destinations such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

It was also seen that as compared to northern states, families in the southern states were much more progressive and had no qualms with women travelling alone.

And for people who say that women only venture for shopping, here’s something that you will have to take with a pinch of salt: The survey says that only 17 percent women went for shopping trips while the rest 83 per cent went to travel.

More power to you girls!

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