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‘Suits’ Star Meghan Markle’s India Visit Included Empowering Women & Putting Henna Tattoos

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  •  January 25, 2017


‘Suits’ star Meghan Markle was in India on January 17 as a part of her involvement with charity organization World Vision Canada.

Her mission was to spread awareness about women’s education, hygiene, empowerment, economic development and health care.

A World Vision spokesperson exclusively told Us Weekly, “World Vision’s Global Ambassador Meghan Markle was in India on an experiential learning mission to highlight key issues facing girls living in poverty. As a strong advocate for gender equality, Markle has worked closely with World Vision to create a trip specifically focusing on and bringing awareness to girls’ lack of access to education. She engaged with local activists and educators to help ensure girls felt equipped and safe to attend school, and worked to improve access to girls’ latrines, the lack thereof being a significant problem for 63 million teenage girls in India. World Vision, a relief, development and advocacy organization, has been active in India since 1951.”

The theme of her trip went hand in hand with World Vision Canada’s “Rise Up! Daughters of India” initiative, which aims to tackle gender-based discrimination and the problem of 63 million teenage girls in the country not having access to proper toilet facilities.

During the five-day trip, Meghan met Suhani Jalota, a Duke University student from India who founded the Myna Mahila Foundation that employs underprivileged women for producing menstrual pads. Meghan also visited several NGOs and met Shamina Shafiq, a former member of the National Commission for Women.

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