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Talk Journalism: YouTube Reveals Some Vlogging Secrets With JWB

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  •  July 31, 2016


The first day of ‘Talk Journalism’ had already proved eventful when we walked in the massive doors of Fairmont, Jaipur. It was Day 2, and I was going to find myself learning some secrets of Vlogging on YouTube.

It’s a growing sphere, and we often find ourselves exploring in the wrong directions. So YouTube itself was there to give us some guidance. Satya Raghwan, the Entertainment Head of YouTube India introduced himself. He began the workshop by first playing a YouTube clip from the TVF channel.

“I’m Satya Raghwan, the Entertainment Head of YouTube. My job is really fun. All I do is sit in my office and watch videos!” He was received with a few chuckles.

He asked the first question to a room full of curious future YouTubers.

How often do you check your phones?”

While one said every ten minutes, others raised their hands and said, “We’re checking it right now!”

That’s so true, though, right? We check our phones so frequently since we have this fear to miss out on information.

Journalism on the internet

Satya then went on to show us a video of the YouTube news channel, It is an online channel which uses mobile phones to take interviews, and the selfie stick plays a vital role in the whole course.

Do you see how easy news is? Get your phone out, shoot a video and upload it on YouTube. If your content is unique, you could probably be the next big thing!

The ten fundamentals of YouTube

If you’re starting your own YouTube channel, here are 10 fundamentals that you need to be aware of:

, , , , , .

The videos we create should be shareable. For example, if I’ve created a video about the “Gurgaon Floods”, the title should be appealing. And it’s a content that people will be curious to share with the world.

Similarly, we should be consistent with creating and uploading videos. We should know the market we are targeting and concentrate only on our demographics.

“YouTube believes that the future lies with going local and regional. Take up local languages. It is a vast, unexplored arena! And, you probably don’t realize but, the rural population will be on the internet in the next five years. It will transform their lives. And so, go as local as possible.”

We agree with you, Satya. The urban are already empowered, it’s time for digitization to penetrate into the lives of the rural.

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