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Ayushi Agarwal

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These 20 Artists Have Created Absolutely Stunning Embroidered Art Pieces

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  •  April 21, 2016


The year was 2006 when my school first forced me to try my hand at embroidery. After a lot of C’s and numerous pricked, bleeding fingers, I eventually gave up on this ‘art’ form. Embroidery is so not an easy task. But, these 20 artists have reawakened my faith in threads and needles!

Take a look:

#1 A 92-year-old Grandmother Creates A Spectacular Collection Of Embroidered Temari Spheres


#2 Embroidered Vegetables By Veselka Bulkan


#3 Instead Of Taking Photos, Teresa Lim Embroiders Her Travels On-site


#4 Embroidered Cat Shirts By Hiroko Kubota


#5 This Artist Embroiders On Metallic Objects


#6 Artist Meredith Woolnough Uses Home Sewing Machine To Capture Nature’s Most Delicate Forms With Embroidery


#7 Embroidered Animals By Chloe Giordano

#8 Urban Cross Stitch


#9 Embroidered Portraits By Cayce Zavaglia


#10 Artist Ana Teresa Barboza Creates Landscape Embroidery Art That Leaps Out Of Its Frames


#11 Embroidered Animals By Claire Moynihan


#12 Artist Danielle Clough Embroiders On Old Tennis Rackets


#13 Artist Lauren Spark Recreated Van Gogh’s ‘starry Night’ Using Only Needle And Thread


#14 Toast Embroidery By Judith G. Klausner


#15 Embroidered X-ray Film By Matthew Cox


#16 Embroidered Leaf Art By Hillary Fayle


#17 Artist James Merry Decorates Sports Logos With Embroidered Flowers


#18 Artist Chara Embroiders Notebook With Veins, Holograms, And Floral Patterns


#19 Cross-stitched Solar System By Navid Baraty


#20 Artists Spent Up To 100 Hours Embroidering Paint On Clothing



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