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Komal Panwar


These Solid Shampoo Bars Need To Be Introduced In India!

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  •  July 27, 2016


We waste a lot of water while shampooing our hair, and it kinda makes us feel a wee bit guilty. Imagine, so much of plastic landing up in all of those landfills.

I read about “Ethique”, a brand that was created in New Zealand. Ethique sells soap, solid shampoo, and conditioners.

The idea is to save water and diminish the use of plastic. The brand runs on the belief that, why do we need to add more water to shampoos when we’re taking a shower already, right?

What’s more? The products are made from entirely natural ingredients like cocoa butter, lavender, etc.

Though they are priced a little on the higher side, they’re worth the purchase.

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