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Jayati Godhawat

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This Girl Created Olympic Athlete Sculptures Using Just Paper & It’s Awesome AF

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  •  April 20, 2016


A paper artist of Barcelona, Raya Sader Bujana, created a series of Paper sculptures of Olympic Athletes.

Previously, she has artistically designed paper foods. The sculptures are wholly hand cut and assembled, and some of the figures have around 150 pieces and up to 500 separators.

Raya expressed, “The concept of this design was to express movement using paper. The added texture, light and volume that the serial planes technique provides reinforces the fluidity of the pieces.”

 This art is extremely time-consuming and demands lots of detailing.

“The project required many, many hours of work, but the end result was very satisfying for me,” she wrote.

Leo García Mendez has done the photography of the sculptures.

Here’re some of her sculptures from the series:

The Cyclist


The High Jump







The Gymnast




Synchronised Swimming


The Javelin Thrower


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