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Priya Motiani

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This Man Turned An Old Truck Into A Mobile Shower For Homeless People

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  •  July 13, 2016


The word ‘Fascinated’ does not even come close to describe how I feel about Missouri-based Jake Austin’s recent act. Now, you might not know of this guy, but after knowing what he did, you will not forget him.

Other than being dedicatedly devoted to social work for years, Jake is now showering people. (That’s it. There’s no ‘with blah blah blah’ addition to that sentence. The man is literally showering people!)

“Good hygiene promotes health, fosters hope, and restores dignity to those who may have lost it,” says Jake.

He recently bought an old truck worth $5000 and revamped it into a mobile shower unit called ‘Shower to the people.’


The mobile bus goes around St. Louis in Missouri giving homeless people the gift of personal hygiene.

“Our flagship program is a Mobile Shower Truck that provides hygiene services and hot showers to the local homeless population of St. Louis. Every week we’ll be visiting multiple locations across the greater St. Louis area, creating easy access for those in our community who would otherwise have no opportunity to stay clean,” is what the website tells us about the initiative.

There are two shower stalls and multiple sinks and mirrors in the bus.

What’s more?

The bus also has free supplies of clean towels, soaps, even sanitary napkins.

The water comes from fire hydrants and is warmed up through an external generator.

Here’s a glimpse of how the initiative looked like for real, in action.

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