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This Teen Girl Kicks Society In Pants & Wins National Wushu Championship

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  •  October 14, 2016


Fareeha Tafim at 14 sets an example for young girls. When not many of us are aware of ‘Wushu,’ a form of martial arts that reportedly originated in China in 1949, this teenager is making headlines by winning several championships.

‘Wushu’ combines ‘elements of performance and martial application.’ The school in Hyderabad embraced this form to teach girls self-defense. Out of all the practitioners in this school, Fareeha is the best of all. After winning state championships, Fareeha had got selected for the national championships this year. The Nationals were to be held in Assam.

Participating in Nationals in Assam seemed too far a dream for Fareeha because of the skepticism she received from her mother and brother. Her mother told her, “You are a young girl, and it is dangerous outside.” She also believed that if Fareeha didn’t don the veil – which she couldn’t during the competition – she would be called ‘shameless’ by the community and immediate acquaintances, reports Huffington Post.

Isn’t it so wrong when on one side we want our girls to learn self-defence and become independent and fight the misogynistic society, and, on the other hand, we stop them from moving ahead? Such was the case with Fareeha when her mother and brother told her that she was bringing dishonor to the family.

But just like every cloud has a silver lining so did Fareeha have in this situation. Her father showed her unwavering support. He not only took her all the way to Guwahati but cheered for her, when she won the national championships.

With such an inspiring story of breaking stereotypes and fighting patriarchy, Fareeha is the subject of London-based filmmaker Jayesha Patil’s documentary India’s Wushu Warrior Girl.

Patel tells HuffPost India why she thought Fareeha’s story needs to be told. She said, “It is an important issue. What struck me was that for her age, she was very forward thinking. Also, the conservative community she lives in and to have that sort of for thinking and the determination is absolutely amazing.”

Patel further added that the principal of the school must be given due credit. Not only did he familiarize himself with this niche sport, but he also encouraged the girls to take it up and supported them in their pursuit of excellence in the sport.

You can watch the documentary here:

Here’s wishing you much strength and glory, Fareeha Tafim.

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