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Himanshu Roy

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Wow, Men’s Bathroom In The US Will Now Have Baby Changing Rooms

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  •  October 13, 2016


Although there’re only a few months left before the term of President Obama comes to an end, it appears that the POTUS has decided to make the most of this time by taking steps to bring up important changes.

In a move that will come as a huge sigh of relief for countless moms and dads in the US, men’s bathrooms in public buildings will now have baby-changing rooms. Given the fact that earlier this facility was restricted to only women’s bathrooms, this is definitely a step forward towards gender equality in America.

The announcement was made official with Obama signing the Babies Act, which was introduced by Congressman David Cicilline.

With this touch of absolute ingenuity, Obama has sent out a message to the working mothers of America, that parenting is not only restricted to mothers and the responsibility to look after children is shared by both moms and dads.

It’s kind of interesting to see that while a particular presidential nominee is spending his time talking about grabbing women by the pussy and the infidelities of a past president, the incumbent prez has trumped his critics by introducing this new law which was long due.

“No mom or dad should ever have to worry about finding a safe, sanitary place to change their baby,” said Cicilline, who was instrumental in passing the bill.

It’s about time that we think of such a system in India as well, where the debate around building more public toilets should also encompass the need for having baby changing rooms.

After all, it is such initiatives that make a significant difference in the life of ordinary people and saves them from a lot of inconveniences.

Way to go President Obama and can’t wait to see what more such initiatives are up his sleeve before he takes the final bow!

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