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Tinder Tales Illustrator, Indu Swipes Right To A Date With JWB

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  •  August 4, 2016


I’m pretty sure most of y’all know about this dating app called Tinder. Basically, Tinder is a spicier dating version of

Anyway, I contacted Indu Harikumar, who illustrates the Tinder stories people send to her. If you look at those illustrations, you’ll only agree on how relevant they are to the stories.

Indu goes by the name on Facebook. Sick pun, right? And, 100 Tinder Tales isn’t the only illustration work she’s done. She’s illustrated books for little children and worked with Chandamama! Aww! And, and, and *drum roll *, she is also the illustrator of India’s first adult colouring book! Slay girl!

I started drawing 100 Tinder Tales because I want to try something new. I was tired of drawing repetitive concepts and Tinder helped me change that,” she said.

 Have you been on a Tinder date with someone? How did it go?

I’ve been on a few dates. The first time I used this app was in Vienna last year. I met a man who liked the same poet and artist like me. The guy that I met told me that Gustav Klimt, my favourite artist, used to live in his neighborhood. We went and took a walk around the neighborhood. After that, we went to get coffee. And he ordered a cake for me, but I refused saying that Europe was making me fat. To that, he said, “But beauty needs space.” That’s what I named my colouring book and when I told him that, he was so happy that he started showing it off to his friends.

Did anyone else get the feels? Or was it just me? The second-hand blushing is real. 

Are you still in contact with him?

Yes, we talk once in a while.

Do you swipe left more or right?

*Laughs * I don’t use Tinder anymore. I am so caught up with drawing these tales; I barely get time. 

So are you not looking for love?

I don’t have any time for love, lol. I am really busy with this project, so love is not on the calendar as of now.

Do you believe in ‘happily ever after’?

I don’t know if I do. I think happily ever after is something you need to work on constantly. You need to work towards that in a relationship.


What is your ideal date like?

A fair amount of conversation and chemistry, a lot of laughter and some Sangria.

I like how she didn’t go for the usual, ‘I like long walks on the beach.’ TBH, I would’ve said that.

What is your favorite story so far?

There’s a story number 27 that I like. It was from a girl from Edinburgh whose story was about love and self-sabotage.

Do people ask to be anonymous when they send you stories?

The only option to send me stories is through Facebook DMs. I can see them, but if they ask for anonymity, then I give that to them. 99 percent of the people ask me for anonymity. 

One lesson on love that Tinder taught you?

Well, I’m still learning. But I have noticed that in some way or the other, we are similar. We all look for similar things in a partner. We want appreciation and validation from our significant others.    

One taboo about sex that you want to break?

I think talking about sex in India is a taboo, itself. We should be able to talk about what’s on our mind and not be hush-hush about it.

Why are guys shying away from sending stories to you?

I think women tend to share their thoughts more often than men. Very few men have sent me stories. I think only 10 percent of all the people were men.

Who did you talk to about sex first?

I don’t remember the first person I spoke to. I remember how I couldn’t even talk about it to my friends in my 20s.

Sex is basically like Voldemort. We can’t talk about You-Know-What!

Can you talk to your parents about your dates?

Well, my parents know what I am doing. We have a certain amount of trust where they don’t ask me for details. We have our own space.

The craziest things guys have asked you on tinder?

I got asked a lot of weird questions in Vienna because I was rather exotic for them. They asked me if I was spiritual. I also got asked if I knew the recipe to make Garam Masala. I don’t even know how it’s made! *laughs *Someone asked me what happens to Indians when they blush. I said that we turn purple ‘cause we’re dark-skinned.  

Are you from India? Do you go to school on a camel cart?

 How do you deal with trolls?

On the usual, the response has been very positive. I had an incident where I posted a story about me meeting a guy on Tinder. He was pushing me to meet him. We exchanged numbers, and he sent me a dick pic. I immediately deleted it. He was a handsome electrician from Australia but after that incident, I did not contact him. I saw a comment that said something like, ‘Desis still can’t get over social class differences.’ That was their opinion, and I didn’t pay attention to it. I don’t need to justify my opinion to someone.

 What difference did you notice between Indian and foreign guys?

I met an Indian in Vienna, and I was so glad to have someone to speak to in Hindi! He is an architect, and we were just talking. We knew that things wouldn’t work between us. As Indians, we also maintained a certain distance from each other.

The other foreign guys would be very careful. They’d always say, ‘I don’t want to do anything to insult your culture and values.’ 

Have you met misogynists on tinder?

I met a lot of funny guys on Tinder, and it was fun getting to know them. But I did meet this one guy who asked me, ‘spit or swallow?’ I said, ‘spit.’ He then replied, ‘You shouldn’t be talking like this on Tinder. Tinder isn’t safe.’

Okaayyy, then, don’t ask her questions like these, you noob!

Does technology kill or create romance?

I don’t think it kills the romance. I think if anything happens on Tinder you can easily unmatch, and that’s how simple it is. If you meet someone in person at a bar, you can’t really run away from a conversation. I just think that technology is a facilitator of romance.

You can view Indu’s work .

Photo Source: Indu Harikumar

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