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Tisca Chopra Has The Most Hilarious Casting Couch Story To Share. Watch Now!

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  •  August 5, 2016


Tisca Chopra spoke to  about this one film shoot where the Director tried to hit on her and how she smashed his intentions. Don’t expect a sad story, peeps!

For the purpose of the story, she addresses this producer-cum-director as RP which stands for ‘reptile’. Tisca, like a brilliant storyteller, shares how this man would eye her during the shoots even though his son was around assisting him in the production. She speaks at length about the day when RP invited Tisca over to his room. She even describes the silk lungi he was wearing while lying on the sofa waiting for her. Lol.

What happened next? Very wisely, Tisca stabbed all his desires. How? To know that, click on the video below:

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