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Wedding Stylist Sujata Bhandari Tells Us 5 Knotty-Make-Simple Tips For Every Bride-To-Be

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  •  February 4, 2017


If we talk about landmark events in our lives, weddings are always in the lead. After all, of course, there’s a reason why we call them the Big Fat Indian Weddings.

I met Wedding Stylist Sujata Bhandari, who had no idea that’s she’d grow up to become one. Being a Kathak Graduate, she had something else on mind.

Destiny, though, had other plans.

I begin with understanding the personality of the bride, her budget, and only proceed once all of that is taken care of.

Me: What do you like best about being a Wedding Stylist?

Sujata: Shopping on someone else’s money. Haha! Just kidding.

Me: Do you ever get confused while styling someone?

Sujata: It happens when the person is very rigid about what they want. Now, I do try and get what they like and dislike. Sometimes, the confusion comes when you cannot decide on the color! Just, tit bits like those.

Me: What has been your most challenging styling project until now?

Sujata: I just did clothes for two men. One was the brother of the bride and for the brother of the groom. Yeah, they were really challenging. They get fixated on things, you know what I mean?

Me: One bridal makeup trend that you’d ask all your brides to follow?

Sujata: None. I don’t follow trends, I focus my attention on accentuating the features of the bride! That’s what styling is all about. You can’t follow trends, and your job is to enhance the personality of your client.

Me: Essential tips every bride needs to follow?

Sujata: Drink LOTS of water, sleep well, eat well, meditate and a bit of exercise! They are basic, but they are also the most important ones.

Me: One color that would suit every Indian bride?

Sujata: Emerald green. It looks good on every complexion!

Me: How to tackle a bridezilla moment?

Sujata: The bride should really be left alone only with a couple of people that she truly trusts. It could be a friend, a shoulder she wants to cry on. Lots of people will make her nervous, trust me! Too many cooks spoil the soup.

Me: A mistake that all brides should keep away from?

Sujata: Overdoing anything. Be it makeup, clothes, or jewelry.

Me: Questions a bride should ask herself before she begins her styling?

Sujata: What clothes do I want to wear? How can I take care of myself? How do I want to present myself?

Me: How can the bride coordinate with the groom beyond just matching the outfit color?

Sujata: Jewelry! I had a client who loved peacocks. So along with peacock jewelry for her, we got the groom a peacock turban pin.

Me: How should a bride balance different opinions and still listen to her own voice?

Sujata: She should have limited people give her suggestions. Just trust that one person. Even if it’s your stylist! When I send a thank you note to my clients, I always make it a point to add an important line to it. “Thank you for the trust.”

They’re letting you spend their money, and trusting you without any questions asked.

Me: What tips would you give to the tall, and to the short bride?

Sujata: Hemlines! Heels! And, sometimes even colors. However, the short bride should remember to wear heels only when she doesn’t have to dance!

A tall bride’s walk will define everything for her!

And not just to one kind of bride, in the end, I’d like to tell them all that, as long as they believe in themselves, they’ll be at the top of their game. It is really the most essential ornament.

Brides, are you listening?

If you’d like to get in touch with Sujata Bhandari, and want her to style you for your wedding, you can get in touch with her, .

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