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WhatsApp’s New Update Has Made This Day Brighter For Us!

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  •  January 27, 2017


WhatsApp is usually late to update Android supported phones with its latest updates. But, looks like the iOS ones, this time, were lacking a feature that every android fan had.

Congratulations, iPhoners, you no longer have to wait for an internet connection to be able to send text messages on WhatsApp. Before the update came along, WhatsApp would refuse to let the iPhones send any messages if they were offline.

Haha, who’s laughing now, the iPhoners in the office? Tehe.


There’s good news for Android users, too! You can now send up to 30 photos and videos at once unlike the limit of 10 that was earlier!

Yay, WhatsApp, you’re kinda cool, you know?

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