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When JWB Girls & Badass Mahindra Thar Went Roaring In The Hills!

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  •  August 6, 2016


Without wasting a second, I leaped into my Thar, grabbed my walky-talky informing my mates about the fatal plan, and shot off into the woods to save the square box the burglars had stolen. Just as I was about to reach them, I fell into a pit.

And fell out of the bed. And the pizza box was gone forever. And the walky-talky turned into my niece’s rattle.

The idea of test-driving Mahindra’s Thar CRDe had excited me so much that the vehicle had begun to feature in my dreams till the day I, along with Ayushi and Sanchit, finally drove it.

We were gazing at the clouded sky while waiting in the lobby of K.S. Motors Pvt. Ltd. when this badass urban beauty, glazing in black, arrived.

Now, given that the Thar CDRe is an off-roading vehicle, and comes with the Scorpio CRD engine, with a 105 BHP, it would be a shame if we didn’t drive it in the steep and rough terrains. Hence, after feeding the 60-litre fuel tank a bit, we headed straight to Nahargarh.

Driving the Thar is a delight.

And THIS is the understatement of the year.

When I got my hands on the steering wheel, I was a little nervous expecting the vehicle to be a difficult one.

Surprisingly enough, it is as smooth as a sedan. The power steering and the gear… Oh btw, did you notice the gear closely? I suggest you do. It is a little different from the usual.

The gear is ergonomically designed so as to provide comfortable access to the driver. It is reclined towards the driver’s seat, did you notice? It took me a little while to get my head, um, my hand around it but eventually, everything was nice and pleasant.

Ayushi, seated on the side-facing foldable back seats, was rolling up the canopy to get a taste of the weather while I was getting a taste of the car. Little did she know that her step would have serious repercussions on her hair – they’d be blown with the wind!

“I love the rough and sporty feel to this car! It makes you want to like the bumps and shrills on the way!” she said between mouthfuls of her hair.

In no time, we reached the foot of the hilly and circular route to Nahargarh. And I know it’s embarrassing, but I’ll admit. I chickened out. And the messy hair woman behind me, who by the way gained the superior driver recognition from the Mahindra executive later, smirked at me and took over the driver’s seat.

I guess she already knew that the Thar had a 44-degree approach angle and a 27-degree departure angle – which, in simple terms, means that the car could easily be driven and reversed at slopes of those degrees. Damn! I should’ve done some homework!

Funnily enough, I learned more of the interiors while seated behind. For instance, I noticed that the multidirectional AC vents also serve the purpose of a heater. (Jungle safari on a chilly night in Ranthambore, anyone?)

Then there were the lockable glove box and floor console with cupholders. Hmmm.

But there was something that I couldn’t take my eyes off. THIS.

By now, I have been describing the vehicle as badass, but this makes me want to call it a perfect blend of classy and badass. Look at the leather belt detailing on the jerry can. Isn’t it suave?

What added to the feels of the drive was the descending sun. We stopped by to admire the beauty – of the Thar and of the place.

Ayushi was holding on to the auxiliary lamps that were mounted on the roll cage. She’s a poser! A good poser, at that.

Can I let you in on a secret? I secretly mused that the lamps must be like stadium lights when lit – lighting up the whole path.

Meanwhile, Sanchit’s camera, without him knowing, was left at our mercy. The chap was busy admiring the jumbo tyres.

Just then, I launched my customary ‘ye kya hai?’ at the Mahindra executive when I saw this…

Turns out, this is a very important equipment for off-roaders. Say hi to the Self-Recovery Winch. This helps in pulling out the car if and when it is stuck during off-roading escapades. (Psst! I somehow suspect this was Hulk’s secret weapon or something!)

And this fancy-looking thingy, called the Snorkel, is the nose of the car. It helps the Thar breathe in extremely dusty and marshy terrains.

Thar be like: Thank you, snorky. I owe you one!

They say good things come to those who wait. So, if you have been patient enough to reach the end of the article, I have a brilliant news for you.

All over India, there are hardly 2 to 3 dealerships which have the authorization for customizing the Thar as per the client’s needs. The K.S. Motors Pvt. Ltd. showroom (from where we started) on M.I. Road happens to be one of these rare dealerships.

So, all these cool features that you’ve made a note of up till now are, in fact, especially customized. From bumpers to the metallic body to just about anything, can be modified. Needless to say, the K.S. Motors fellas must have a lot many people coming in from all over the country!

The Thar would cost you somewhere around 11 lacs sans customization. Follow www.mahindrathar.com to know more or to book a test drive with Chetan on +918769060606. Toodles!




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    Amazing article..Thar is a superb platform to build a great cross country tourer on.


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