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Himanshu Roy

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29 Bigwig Companies Sign Pledge To Remove Pay Disparity

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  •  August 29, 2016


Barack Obama’s term at the White House might be ending this year but it appears that he couldn’t care less about it. Instead, president Obama is focusing on some real disparities that lurk in the American society, pay inequality being one of them.

In a new initiative taken by the White House, 29 new private sector companies including big shots such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft have signed the pledge in favour of the gender equality when it comes to salary.

For example, in a statement, Apple has said that women employees at the company earn one dollar for every dollar that male employees get. They also assured that the company would still be analyzing the remuneration along with added benefits of all the staff to identify possible pay disparity.

According to Central Bureau data, women in the USA, earn 79 cents on an average for every dollar that their male counterparts make. What more? The pay gap is even more evident from the fact that African-American women are paid only 63 cents for every dollar paid to a white man.

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Many studies conducted on this matter have suggested that a pay gap exists which no one seems ao be eager to address. Even though experts can cite sporadic breaks taken by women in case of motherhood or choosing a low paying career, the real reason is the blatant sexism that invariably doesn’t let a woman earn at par with men.

If you still have any doubt or inhibition of the authenticity of this theory, then you need to hear this. A study has found that male doctors who have the same qualifications, faculty rank and research productivity as female doctors, earned $20,000 more than the income of a female doctor.

For some ‘unknown’ reason, the Republicans in the US have always wasted any efforts made by the Democrats to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which aims to end this pay gap.

Given the fact that several of the bigwig companies have signed the pledge, we can surely hope that in the coming years, the issue of wage disparity will be properly addressed by the corporate bosses.

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