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Avantika Singhal

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5 Slangs From The 90’s That Will Make You Look Hipster!

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  •  August 29, 2016


Okay Teens, listen up! Today, we went a little too much out of our usual creative ways and dug out 5 slangs that were extremely popular in the 90’s.

Yes, you can stop using ‘dope’, ‘fleek’ and ‘squad’. Also, stop galaxy’ing everything from tacos to T-Shirts. That is not cool.

Now, after reading this article, when you say curse words from the 90’s in front of your friends, not only will you look extremely hipster but you will also appear tremendously old school.

Being old school worked for Edward Cullen. Thus, I assumed…

Let’s get started!

  1. Beans

Meaning-money….usually dollars.

*Meanwhile at Taco Bell*

Cashier-‘Ma’am, the total is 5 dollars, 5 cents.

Me-Oh, I don’t know..I am running low on beans today.

Cashier-Ma’am, I assure you our burritos come with sufficient beans. You don’t have to worry about that..


  1. Crib

Meaning-house, dorm, dwelling, apartment

Pete-So, where do you live?

Me-I live in that crib over there at 5th avenue.

Pete-Oh! You live in a crib? You are such a baby.



3. Dank

Adjective- describing how awesome something is.

Me-Those boots over there are so dank!!


Me- Dank. It means awesome.

Friend-Oh, you mean dope. Yeah, I like them too.


  1. Eat My Shorts!

Translates to ‘Screw You’ or ‘Go To Hell’

Me-Brad can eat my shorts, for all I care! This relationship is over!

Friend- Eat your shorts? Are you insane! Girl, don’t accuse him of pica. That is not nice.

Me-No…I would never…what…

  1. I Got The Pasties

Meaning-my mouth is dry.

Me-Friends, I got the pasties..

Friend 1-You got the pastries?

Friend 2-You got the panties??

Friend 3-You got the herpes???


Okay, 90’s slangs would be a social suicide. I recommend that you try them in real life though and report back to me ASAP!

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