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5 Ways To Get Selfies With Your Favorite Celeb At JLF 2017

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  •  January 18, 2017


The countdown to the Jaipur Literature Festival is over, and a lot of us are psyched about the celebrity khazaana at the five-day mind-orgasming event.

Well, you’re lucky that you’re in my good books, and that I’m willing to lend these five ‘personal secrets’ to get the “WOW” reaction from the people on Facebook.

No, there’s no hocus pocus or magic dust involved, and no, not even poly juice potion. Here are five ways for you to get that perfect selfie with the celebrity author of your choice:

Hill Or Heel?

Step one is to find a tall hill. But, considering the venue, it’s clear that it is nowhere close to the Aravalis. Get yourself a good 7-inch heel, and trick your favorite into getting a selfie.

Splurge Them With Gifts

The way to an author’s heart is through the books she reads, but who is to say that she wouldn’t want the most precious thing in the world?!

Book Signing

Keep your binoculars handy at the time of book signing, and make sure you have ALL the books written by your favorite author. The weight you carry on your shoulders will probably make them get a selfie with their biggest fan. But while at that, make sure you STFU about the books if you’ve not read all of them.

Dress Up

Do you remember Hawa Hawai from Mr. India? You’ve to copy her. Don’t worry, the Jaipur Literature Festival encourages dressing up. Trust me, you’re good to go if you just steal the fruit-basket-hat and break the ice with your favorite author by saying: “Oh, hello! Do you want to have some grapes?”

Carry A Cute Animal

Get a tea-cup pig, a mouse, maybe a white rabbit, a little puppy or a kitten, and take it to the celebrity of your choice. That’s it. The animal will do the rest. You know what else you can do? Just say that your tiny “animal” wants to get a selfie with them.

There you are, you’ve now successfully been trained to get a selfie clicked with your favorite celebrity at JLF. Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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