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Rajshree Gautam

JWB Intern

After The #MannequinChallenge, A #DontBeAMannequin Challenge Is Here

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  •  January 17, 2017


The #MannequinChallenge has been the cool-thing-to-do for some time now. But in the light of recent events, a new #DontBeAMannequin was much needed.

It’s been a few weeks since the incident of mass molestation on New Year’s Eve came into the news. And ever since then, many debates and discussions have being held to ensure the safety of the women. Different people chose different ways of protesting and one such way came from a video which says to the people: #DontbeAMannequin. This video shouts out to take an action.

Similar to the previous concept, in this video, too, everyone stands still, but they’re all looking at something.

Unlike the original hashtag where people are laughing and enjoying in the end, this ends with a girl being publicly molested. Later, she holds up a card that reads:  “Out of the 60,000 people who were on Brigade Road, possibly 1,000 were molesters. The rest 59,000 were mannequins. #DontBeAMannequin.”

The uploader of the video added caption: It’s time we put an end to India’s #MannequinChallenge. Don’t agree? This video might change your mind. #DontBeAMannequin.”

You can watch the video below:


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