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Komal Panwar


Approach Your First Date From A Zodiac Sign Perspective

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  •  July 9, 2016


I’m a sucker for horoscopes. So, I have a thing for ‘Virgos’ and ‘Capricorns’. Most of my favorite people lie under these two zodiac signs. I’m a Taurus, bee tee dubs.

I have found it really easy to communicate with people after getting to know their zodiac signs. Some people *coughs* AYUSHI *coughs* might refuse to believe in them, but the characteristics are true most of the time.

So, the next time you’re asking someone out, these date ideas according to zodiac signs might come in handy!


Kissing Sisters beyonce comedy song kissing


Where better can, you take a lively, competitive, spontaneous and up for all kinds of things, person? That’s right to a Karaoke faceoff, where they can show the others how it’s done!


drinking wine alcohol psych wine tasting


For their love of luxury and food, take them to a fancy wine and cheese tasting. It’s pretty much up to their standards, and this might just set fire to their sensual instincts as well!




They absolutely love to be surrounded by people and good music, so a pub that’s hosting a really nice live band would be ideal. They also love to get to know stuff, so you’ll have plenty of room to talk over a chilled beer and give them some food for thought.


The Comeback HBO tv food hbo cake


Don’t make it too loud, just keep it simple and familiar. The key is to keep them in their comfort zone. Take them for a long walk, ask them for a preference of neighbourhood, concentrate on getting to know them better. Depending on how well she/he likes you, suggest going for dessert if they say yes, you’ve done it right!


dance dancing beauty dancer ballet


They love themselves some entertainment and drama, what better than a moving theatre experience. Make sure you do your research, though, it should be a good play, with some of the best actors, because they’re going to ask you some questions about your love for theatre!


whoa picnic vulture


Make them some delicious food and if you’re cooking skills are questionable then pack some croissants and wine in your picnic basket. Pick a place that they’ve never seen before with an amazing view, a beach or a cliff. They love surprises and the romance of it all, so maybe you can stimulate their need to explore!


attack origami


It’s gotta be something different. Take a one-day trial in origami, pottery or any other activity that’ll be stimulating and enjoyable. It’s all about locking in the chemistry, so you can even take them for a salsa dancing trial!




They’re night owls, with a taste of adventure, so indulge both these interests. Take them star gazing to a museum or even a remote hillside. Brush up on your constellations and just listen to them go on about life.


funny pretty little liars pll horse ashley benson


They soak up culture and activity. This is the traveler of the zodiac and very hard to please. Since you obviously can’t take them on a trip on your first date, try something new and exciting. Any activity, horse-riding, skating or even skydiving can be your go-to first date.




When you think Capricorn, think traditional. Don’t try to out-do on the first date. They don’t really care about how much you spend; they just need to know you believe in the small gestures and courtesy.


superman okay ok movies film


They have a really strong humanitarian side. They want to make the world a better place and help people. So, they’d be really touched if you made a gesture of understanding their nature, by volunteering with them.



love kiss couple beach kissing


They love water and grand romantic gestures. So maybe make them a playlist and take them to the nearest beach. Try serenading them; they’ll absolutely love the attempt, even if you aren’t successful!

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