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JWB Attends The Royal 18th B’day Celebrations Of Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh

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  •  July 12, 2016


Today, i.e. 12th July will be forever marked in the history of Jaipur as after decades the Royal Family of Jaipur held birthday celebrations of such grandeur at the City Palace. It was the occasion of HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s 18th birthday and his coronation ceremony.

The highlight of the whole commemoration was that Maharaja’s birthday was celebrated with traditional rituals and ceremonies.

The ceremonious day began with the traditional ritual of ‘daan’ (donation), where His Highness performed ‘Prayashitta Daan,’ ‘Chhaya Daan,’ and ‘Gau Daan.’ After carrying out a Hawan at Sita Ram Dwara, he offered Bhet to his Gurus, accepted ‘Dupatta Prasad’ from them, and proceeded for ‘Varsh Poojan’ at Madho Niwas.

In the afternoon, His Highness with the Lawajma advanced towards the Darbar Hall (Sabha Niwas), where titular Tazimi Sardars, Jagirdars, Thikanedars, and Seths from the city and the state, presented him with ‘Nazar.’  His Highness acknowledged, greeted and bowed down in respect of all those who offered him ‘Nazar’ which reflected his humbleness and courteousness.

The men were clad in the traditional attire of the Royal family, i.e. the white bandgalas, jodhpuris, or achkans along with Safas.

Maharaja Narendra Singh, the father of His Highness, looked every bit of a proud dad and expressed his delight by saying,

“We are very happy that his (Padmanabh Singh Ji) birthday is being celebrated with traditional ceremonies and rituals. He has been blessed to have received love and appreciation from the entire city and nobles of Jaipur. He understands and honors his responsibility, and I have full faith that he will willfully and successfully perform all his duties.”

After the ‘Nazar’ tradition, His Highness’s sister Rajkumari Gauravi Kumari greeted him at Riddhi Siddhi Pol with an Aarti and together they advanced to the Pritam Niwas, where all the women from the Royal families carried forward the rituals and traditions.

Princess Gauravi Kumari, His Highness’s mother Princess Diya Kumari, and other women were dressed in colorful Rajputi Poshaaks and traditional jadaau jewelry. Princess Diya Kumari looked pristine, and her smile mirrored the emotions of a mother perfectly.

Later, Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh, fondly called as ‘Pacho Singh,’ was welcomed by the Salaami (Salute) and Jaipur Anthem presented by the Jaipur Maan Guards and the police officials.

Before proceeding for further ceremonies, His Highness addressed the gathering and said,

“There are traditions for every festival and occasion, and I believe, it is very important to keep alive our culture and to pass it on from generation to generation.”

When asked about turning 18, and being on the threshold of his life and responsibility, His Highness replied tenderly,

“I fully understand the expectations people have from me and that they look up to me. I will strive to fulfill their expectations and set a positive example for them.”

Wow, His Highness is a true youth icon and a responsible role model for all youngsters.

On his plans on joining the politics, Maharaja politely responded,

“I would first like to focus on my education and complete it ardently. My aim is to serve the society and people, and I will do it through whatever way and approach possible.”

The quote, “With great power, comes greater responsibility,” stands true and it was heartwarming to have met Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh Ji, as his thoughts and views reflected his integrity and sincerity towards the vast responsibility bestowed upon him.

All Hail, Maharaja!

Also, in the evening, Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh shall visit Jamwai Mata Temple at Ramgarh to seek blessings of their Kuldevi of the Kachhawas.

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