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Will Milind Soman’s Running Sarees Gel With Your Sneakers?

  • JWB Discussion
  •   July 7, 2016


Milind Soman is designing running sarees and JWB can’t help wondering what it will be like for the women wearing those and running in them.

What if while running the saree gets off? And, all we can say is ‘oops’?

He said in an interview, “Most Indian women are not comfortable running in conventional shorts. So, we want to give them a special sari, which is lighter and has less volume of cloth, so that they can feel comfortable running while wearing it. Indian women have saris to go to the market, weddings, kitty parties and even sit at home, but they don’t have a sari to run in or exercise in. So, whether women want to do yoga or exercise, we want them to feel comfortable.”

Well, it might even look a little awkward. But hey, it’s a welcome concept. Are you on board, let us know in the comments below.


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