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Author Prachi Garg Charged JWB With The Power Of ‘Superwomen’

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  •  August 29, 2016


The best kind of women are the ones who empower each other!

is a writer-traveler-entrepreneur who is inspiring women, to enter the entrepreneurial world and reach the highest ladder of success. Her debut book, ‘Superwomen’ gives the readers a peek into the life of 20 women entrepreneurs in India, who have overcome all hurdles and fulfilled their dreams.

The book includes biographies of womenpreneurs like Ria Sharma, Founder Make Love Not Scars, Richa Kar, Founder of Zivame, Sneha Raisoni, Founder Tappu Ki Dukaan, amongst others.

During her college days, the Miranda-graduate also founded which organizes customized corporate tours during her college days.

We explored all the facets of her life, in an exclusive interview with her.

JWB: Let’s start with knowing about the superwoman in you.

Prachi: I am a true blue Mirandian, who loves traveling, writing and enjoying life as it comes.

JWB: Your book, Superwomen incorporates the stories of twenty women entrepreneurs who started with modest means and transformed them into successful yet soulful ventures. How did the idea come up?

Prachi: When I started, I came across few challenges. It was then, I thought to speak to few women entrepreneurs about the challenges they faced in their journey, and this is where I collated my conversations with them to give rise to ‘Superwomen.’

JWB: How did this experience transform your life?

Prachi: It made me more humble. The experience has made me realize the value of time. While speaking to these lovely “superwomen,” I realize, the problem could be one, but there are multitude solutions, and which one to follow is based on the circumstances. 

Let’s not limit ourselves and always dare to dream, because dreams do get fulfilled.

JWB: Which entrepreneur inspired you the most personally?

Prachi: I think it would be an injustice to name one, as each of them has a unique story of struggle and success.

JWB: What did you find common in all of the female entrepreneurs?

Prachi: They are passionate, dreamers and not to miss, hard-working.

JWB: ‘Women entrepreneurs pave the way to women empowerment.’ 

Prachi: Yes, in a way it does, as it makes them more confident and financially independent.

JWB: You are a woman entrepreneur yourself. Tell us more about this adventurous venture of yours.

Prachi: At, we organize corporate team events where each of the events is curated as per the needs and requirements. We recently ventured into women solo travel and took women groups to the unexplored India.

Wow! Sounds interesting. *sighing with wanderlust*

JWB: You are a traveler, too. Share the most memorable experiences from your travel diary.

Prachi: I am a firm believer that traveling teaches a lot. 

I would like to quote one of the experiences from my Leh-Ladakh travel, where I came across this 5-6-year-old girl, who had never seen front camera phone. And, when I clicked a selfie with her, she was so happy that her innocent smile took my heart away. At that moment, I thanked God.

Travel truly teaches you gratitude.

JWB: Your first start-up, a journal ‘Managing Minds’ to guide MBA aspirants wasn’t well-received at the time and survived a few months. Do you think it is important for an entrepreneur to taste failure to grow sustainably in future?

Prachi: It is not always necessary to taste failure, but what is important is to learn from failures. These failures could be from your start-up or somebody’s else.

JWB: Have you started working on your next book? If yes, what’s the subject?

Prachi: Yes. It is known as “Better Halves of Start-ups.” It is the collection of 20 couples, who are into entrepreneurship together and their relationship has evolved during their course of entrepreneurship.

JWB: What do you think is the main ingredient to be an entrepreneur?

Prachi: Dream and urge to ful-fill that dream

JWB: Is it difficult to be a woman entrepreneur in India? If yes, why?

Prachi: Yes! For a few reasons, mainly, because we are not seen as decision makers and most of the females are not financially independent.

JWB: Most emotional moment during Superwomen?

Prachi: When I first held my baby “superwomen” in my hand. Though I can write many more moments here, which literally brought tears to my eyes.

JWB: What would you rather be, traveler or writer?

Prachi: Traveler, as the writer in me, was born from the traveler in me.

JWB: What’s feminism for you?

Prachi: Feminism is not to bring down the male fraternity. Instead, for me, it is to make sure both genders respect each other’s choices and bring the best.

JWB: Favorite author/book

Prachi: All time favorite, Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist.

JWB: Your dream destination to travel?

Prachi: Antarctica and playing with Polar bears. Ha-Ha!

JWB: What shall be the title of your autobiography?

Prachi: Ahh! Amen, there’s a long way before I reach there. And, if at all,  the title shall be  “Ghoomophiro”, as this is the name I am commonly referred to in my social circle.

JWB: Morning or a late-night writer?

Prachi: Early morning sunrise, rains, coffee are my companions while writing.

JWB: Have you experienced writer’s block? How do you overcome it?

Prachi: Yes, I usually get into writer’s block which goes for months, too. And, I overcome it while traveling, as traveling to new places gives me a new perspective and my pen starts moving with the outline.

P.S.- You can buy her book, Superwomen, here.

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