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Jayati Godhawat

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Baba Sehgal’s New Song “Dieting Karle” Is Horribly Body-Shaming

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  •  April 29, 2016


Some songs become famous because they are so bad that they are funny. Yes, I am pointing out to Taher Shah and his songs. India has its own version of Taher Shah in Baba Sehgal.

Baba Sehgal’s songs and graphics like , , have been trolled and laughed upon by most of his “loyal” audience. Well, we don’t blame them. LOL!

However, his latest release is all about body-shaming, and it’s annoying AF.

Titled, he has invented a whole new level of sexism and hypocrisy by shaming women on their weight and insisting them to lose weight.

‘Mind na karna baby tere cheeks hai thode chubby, chubby… aa training tujhko dedu, tu gym mein aaja, abhi, abhi.”

He doesn’t stop his taunting here. The lyrics go from worse to worst, and they are so offensive that you would want to punch him right in his face. Literally!

Arre pet bhi tera nikal rahha hai

Boyfriend bhi tera nikal raha hai

Weighing scale par 80 kg

Weight tera yeh nikal raha hai

And lines like, “Arre pet cover kar liya hai chunni se, it’s looking odd. Kamar thi 26 ab hai 32, OMG oh my God,” “Baby Kitna Khaayegi? Bus kar” are downright sickening.

Yes, everyone knows the level of his idiocracy, still, his sexist and body-shaming remarks encourage the already existing mindset of people towards “fat” people. In some way, his song also reflects the stereotypical beliefs of people towards plus-size women.

Baba Sehgal just three words for you,

Ab bus kar!


P.S.- Wanna forget the torture that this video is? Check out our Fatasstic Chick’s blogs and get your dose of body positivity.

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