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Being Uncomfortable In His Skin To Styling Celebrities, Jason Arland Has Traveled A Long Way

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  •  November 30, 2016


I never knew how to rock the candy floss pink hair until I found him!

From being a skinny brown boy, who always had a complex about his looks and body to becoming someone who styles celebrities and makes other look beautiful, Jason Arland has come a very long way.

To delve deeper in the amazing journey of this Pune boy turned celebrity stylist, we spoke to Jason about his dreams and what styling and fashion mean to him.

JWB: You are just 21! How did you get your start in styling?

Jason: My journey has been quite crazy, literally! I never thought I would be in fashion because I was the gawkiest kid ever, I had a face full of acne and I was extremely skinny and brown. I had a huge complex all my life as a kid because of all these things. But since I had always been a dancer and have been accustomed to the stage since a very early age, so wearing makeup and costumes were my thing, and that was the only way I could have an escape from life. So the only moment I felt I am strong and I am good enough, was when I was on the stage.

Because it was always a passion and will always be ! 💋🙌 #Danceforlife #danceforyoursould #gbthrowback #proudandpride 🤒🙇🏼💃

A photo posted by 😎💄Jason Arland#Lets_Makeup💋🎬🎈 (@makeupbyjasonarland) on

I wasn’t really comfortable in my skin. I was a kid who used to wear his pants over his belly button and wore half a liter of oil in my hair and did not know how to behave. So when I had hit my teens, I had acne all over my face because of some genetic fault whereas none of my friends had and so to cover it up I wore eight to ten layer of some lighter skin foundation which was the only makeup I was aware of.

So when in college, it got even worse. My inferiority complex grew to an extent that I used to wear makeup even when I went off to sleep because I did not want to see my face without it.

So one day one of my closest friends accidentally saw me without makeup and he said: “You are so beautiful without it, why would you always put it on?”

Later when I came to Pune, I pursued dancing and at the same time made my own costumes and did my own makeup. So one day a friend made me post a video on youtube where I used to do makeup for college students, which let me state, ‘Was just for FUN.’ So yea, someone liked it and I got a call and eventually I pursued fashion and today when I look back in time, it all feels so crazy!

JWB: How do you study someone you have to style? Do you go through their closet and makeup etc?

Jason: Ummm, that depends on who I am styling. So if it’s a celebrity, I dare not see what their wardrobe has because I am not allowed to. At the same time I like to see where the person comes from and what their comfort zone is, because as much as I love to experiment, I don’t like anybody to be uncomfortable. I believe If you don’t feel good, you don’t look good.

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A photo posted by 😎💄Jason Arland#Lets_Makeup💋🎬🎈 (@makeupbyjasonarland) on

For makeup, we give a lot of trials because I feel when you walk out of that room, wearing makeup and hair, you should feel a better version of you but not somebody else.

JWB: What has been your most memorable styling experience till date?

Jason: Styling Sarah-Jane Dias is my most memorable experience till now! I met her at Lakme Fashion Week last season and told her that I am going to style her one day. We ended up meeting again *by destiny* and the next season I styled her. I mean we are the thickest of friends now and my bond is way above being just her stylist. There’s something special in the way we make feel each other about each other.

With my Beauty Goddess @sarahjanedias #friendswithbeauty #beautyandtheartist #makeupartist #indianbeautygoddess #goingnuts #event #kashish #loveforindianbeauty #beautyonpoint #hairandmakeup #sarahjane #indianbeautyGoddess #crazypeople #partytime #family 🙌🙌💋💋💋💋💋

A photo posted by 😎💄Jason Arland#Lets_Makeup💋🎬🎈 (@makeupbyjasonarland) on

JWB: The weirdest fashion experiment you have tried?

Jason: Well, to be honest, I have had n-number of weirdest fashion experiments! I mean there are so many that I don’t know which one to talk about. But what I really would never want to look back to would be my youtube channel. I am sure when I become really successful, that would be one thing people can mock me about!

And did I just say that too loud!

RETRO-FIEND horror vintage halloween 80s

JWB: What is your ready to go styling tip?

Jason: Mascara, brows, and confidence are my ready to go styling tip!

JWB: What is your no-fail styling trick?

Jason: Black would be my no-fail styling tip, but yes minimal the better.

At Lakme Fashion Week

JWB: Through one of your Instagram pictures, we noticed that you are recently obsessing over thick eyebrows and chokers. What else is contributing to your latest styling obsessions!

Jason: I like textures and layers. I am someone who celebrates all kinds of sizes and skin colors. Since I am a staunch believer of making the person I am styling as comfortable as possible, these days I like to go for sheer clothes, where you can flaunt your skin, which is not revealing but sensuous. I really enjoy showing, skin being bold and breaking the norms.

There’s a reason I believe in wearing chokers. That’s feminism for me. So the reason I wear chokers is because I want to break the stereotype here, that even guys can be choked, even they need to be submissive.

JWB: If I am not wrong, you love taking selfies. The celebrity you want to take a selfie with?

Jason: Rihanna! Nobody else!!!

JWB: The most body positive celebrity you have worked with?

Jason: Sara Jane Dias is by far the most positive person I have met. She’s amazingly crazy and I am obsessed with how she loves her body and takes care of it. I wanna be someone like her.

JWB: How did you come up with the concept of Phool Rani? What was the thought that led to this creation?

Jason: It was not entirely my creation. My friends Pranay Jaitly and Shounak Amonkar from ‘Who Wore What When’ were there with me in creating Phoolrani. There was no particular reason as such but to show mother earth. I wanted to depict a woman, who is a creator and the only way I could show it was to bring nature on her face.

PHOOL RANI #makeupby @makeupbyjasonarland concept and styling @who_wore_what_when hair @pushkinbhasin #slapfromnature #indian #naturalflowers #makeupusingflowers #highfashionmakeup #powerofmakeup #powerof nature !

A photo posted by 😎💄Jason Arland#Lets_Makeup💋🎬🎈 (@makeupbyjasonarland) on

JWB: If you were to reveal, who did you take on a candle night date?

JWB: No jinxes please, they hardly ever work out!

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