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Bookmark These 6 Latest Quotes Of Kalki Koechlin’s On Ageism, Fairness, Feminism & Love

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  •  June 7, 2016


During a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, actress Kalki Koechlin opened about why she will never promote fairness creams, the need of feminism, the first poem she ever wrote, parents, and much more. 

Below are the excerpts from the chat:

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with being fair, but it has become such an obsession in our country that it is all we look for in beauty. There are so many stunning people who are dark-skinned and it should be celebrated. I would love to have a product that makes me darker.”

Feminism is the crazy idea that men and women are equal. If you are doing the same job that a man is doing, you should be paid the same amount of money. I don’t know why it has become so politicized; today, if you are a feminist, you are a man-hater. It is very important to understand that men should be feminists, as well. This is because we live in a patriarchal world. If we lived in a matriarchal society where women ruled the world, we would need Meninists. And I would be a Meninist. But right now the balance of power is the other way – women need more attention and that is why we need to address it.”

“In your 20s, you are worried about body issues, your weight, how you are dressed. In your 30s, you’re like ‘oh my god, I am getting old. I am going to enjoy everything’.”

“I remember writing a poem about a flower that has to be plucked. Though it is nice to give someone a flower, you are killing the flower. I was probably ten when I wrote it.”

“From my mom, it is discipline. I believe in practice and getting to places on time and that I think comes from her. From my dad, I have learned to laugh at myself. My dad always saw the brighter side of things even when we went through tough times.”

“Through popular culture, we believe it is like a fairytale, the ‘Disney’ idea of love where everyone lives happily ever after. But life is a little more complicated. Love is a very long-term idea. It needs to be nurtured. It needs to be given time and worked on.”

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