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Classical Dancer, Tara Balgopal, Who Was Once On Indian Stamp Now Lives In Poverty

  • JWB Post
  •  October 7, 2015


Would you believe the fact if you came to know that a dancer in whose honour the Indian government issued a postal stamp, now lives in abject poverty? But it actually goes deeper than that.

Here is an 80 year old woman who made the entire nation proud through her dancing skills and even performed in the parliament. But now, everyday is a struggle for her because no one really cares that whether she lives or dies.

Does the name Tara Balgopal reminds you of anyone? If it does, then take a trip down memory lane to a time, when this lady was the premier dancer of the country. From kathak to kathakali, her flawless dancing skills won many hearts in the country.

But nowadays we have a habit of forgetting everything that is of not any benefit to us. Otherwise how is it possible that Tara, is not at all known in the locality in Delhi where she stays. The numerous awards that she won and some of which were also given by the prime ministers are decaying in her house because of neglect.

So just imagine that how life must have been to her when she discovered that no one really cares anymore about her achievements. So what do you think is the reason behind this?

Wait there’s more! Apparently Tara also taught at the Delhi University as an honorary reader of english and this may seem strange but even the university has not doled out her dues. She is also the first Indian teacher to conduct UG courses at the All India Radio.

What we want to ask is that what is the reason behind such an attitude of the society towards this legendary dancer? The respect that she deserves is not given to her and at the same time financial institutions like banks and insurance companies are also not at all cooperating with her.

At JWB, we have always saluted women who have pushed the bar a little higher with their achievements. It is a matter of great shame that this lady legend, who made it big at a time when the society was much more conservative, today spends her day on charity. The onus is on us to decide that how long we will turn a blind eye towards such women who are not given their due.

Do you have any plan in mind how we can together support Tara? If yes, write to us at .

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