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Himanshu Roy

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Confused Jaipuri Husband Turns Game Of Thrones Into ‘Singhasano Ka Khel’

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  •  July 18, 2016


When will the game begin???

“A Lannister always pays his debts.”

“Err…Priyal, what debt is this little guy talking about? He doesn’t look poor to me.”

“Shh…Let me watch.”

“But I thought that you saw this episode ages ago,” I sound really confused and Priyal just shuts me up with one gesture of her hand.

“Woah! Wait, aren’t they brother and sister!”

“Yes, they are.”

“And the first episode is almost over but when will the game begin?”

“Hopeless,” my wife shakes her head.

I mutter a string of profanities. Damn it, Saxena, this is totally your fault!

What’s wrong with Tarak Mehta?

The conversation had started during a nice old friendly game of cards (read gambling) with my friends. All I had done was to rave about the latest episode of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma when Saxena cut me off midway…

“It’s about time that you move on from Hindi TV serials and watch GOT. That’s the real stuff man,” Saxena had said smugly.

Now, I have a special liking for Hindi TV Serials (The Nagin actress is hot) and felt insulted by this comment.

“This is the first time that I have heard about this new serial called GOT, and you want me to believe that it is better than Tarak Mehta?”

“It’s been going on for five years. You should listen to lines and the intensity of which they are spoken. Thand ka mausam a rha hai (read winter is coming). Kya dialogue hai!”

“Hya….But I thought that this GOT thing was in English. If it’s a Hindi serial then how the hell did I miss it?”

“ I watch the Hindi dubbed version. But no worries, all the characters are Angrez and do English things,” Saxena had winked at me suggestively.

But at that time little did I know that Priyal would find the pen drive containing the Hindi dubbed series of GOT that Saxena had given me.


“Aap thik kab honge Mere Suraj aur Tare”

I found her almost bursting with laughter.

“What the hell is this? Daenerys Targaryen asks Khal Drogo “aap thik kab honge mere suraj aur tare (read my sun and stars)?? WTF!”

“Hey, since when did you start checking my things?” I brace up for some more humiliation (as usual).

Please don’t say that you are watching GOT and that too in Hindi!” says Priyal after getting a grip on her laughter.

“For your information, Saxena also watches it, and he told me that the dialogues are particularly good,” I get the inkling that my defense is too meek.

“I won’t have my husband watching Hindi dubbed version of GOT!” Priyal’s voice was final.

And from there started my tryst with GOT (Priyal has watched all the seasons) with me having no clue that when will the game finally begin!


Would someone tell me who is the hero and heroine?

Ah, so that’s the right sentence.

“See, I told you that it’s more fun in English.”

“Yes, but if this Ned Stark guy is the hero then why did he just chop off the head of that poor guy? And who is the heroine, is it the one who loves her brother?”

“Ah, it’s an ensemble cast,” Priyal looks engrossed.

“Oh, you mean just like Tarak Mehta?”

“You better thank your lucky stars that I am not chopping off your head for comparing GOT with Tarak Mehta.”


An addict I am…

“Run Arya, run! They are coming for you.”

“Hey, why did you switch off the TV??”

“You wanna watch Tarak Mehta? I heard it’s an important episode,” Priyal has a wicked glint in her eyes.

“But don’t you understand? They could kill Arya!!!?”

“But is that interesting? We can also watch Naagin, you know. Maybe a new magician will make an entry in the serial (or wait, is it the same character coming back after a plastic surgery)?” says a playful Priyal.

“Ah. I accept that GOT is more interesting. Now turn that TV ON!”

“Alrighty. But here’s some spoiler. They will kill Ned, not Arya. And that’s for comparing GOT with Hindi serials,” says Priyal, before turning on the TV and leaving.


The blame goes to Saxena, but now I have officially become a GOT addict.

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