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Day 1: 10 Quotes By Sadhguru From JLF 2017 To Live By

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  •  January 19, 2017


When a powerful speaker like Sadhguru came to the JLF in conversation with Sanjoy Roy, all eyes were fixed upon him, and why the hell not? And when an orator so great begins to talk, the world listens.

Here are 10 of Sadhguru’s quotes at the JLF 2017 that you should swear by:

The world isn’t torturing you, you’re full of self-help.

You know how to be joyful but… but to kick that Butt, you need a Yogi.

We are special, this is our time. Will we strive for what we’re capable of? Because, either way, time will pass. It’s only our decision to make a difference or not.

Imagination is hugely celebrated but we must understand that imagination is just the recycling of memory.

For the first time change in the world is happening without spilling blood, and that is good news.

Ultimately, Human Life is enhanced only by enhancing the perception.

The future generation on this planet will reject anything and everything that is not logical.

In the next 20-25 years, 90% of the human population will be using chemicals for experiences, which is already happening in the USA. And this is what made me write the book Inner Engineering

On being asked to describe himself in one word he said, “Would you consider Wild Life one word or two words?

It is not a simple thing to walk on two legs on a round planet, and the damn thing is spinning all the time.

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