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Avantika Singhal

JWB Contributor

Dear Bollywood, You Gotta Break Your Silence

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  •  June 25, 2016


I think Salman Khan took the concept of similes a little too far.

He begs to differ while comparing himself to a raped woman after shooting some heavy wrestling scenes for his upcoming movie ‘Sultan.’

Amid all this, Bollywood stars have come just to accept the comment as it is. They all have decided to zip their mouths with an invisible key and throw the key somewhere no one can find it.

The lucid Priyanka Chopra, who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the rights of women and girls, has decided not to comment at all. The enigmatic Farhan Akhtar, whose initiative MARD – Men Against Rape & Discrimination, has not even acknowledged this comment.

Dear Bollywood Stars, I know silence means safety, protection and no protrusion of grudges for speaking against your said Godfather but this is just blatant hypocrisy. You are speaking to oppose junior artists like Kamal. R. Khan but not a mega Bollywood star?!!?


A rude comment is an ignorant remark. And, the advantage you have by being such famous stars with a firm grasp of social media, you have all the liberty to speak against the fact that Salam juxtaposed rape to a fight scene. Yes, rape is a fight in itself but talking about it in this syntax or context is just erroneous.

A rape is a transgression, a tragedy, and this man had the audacity to compare a moment in his life with abuse. How shamefully stupid is this!

Bollywood, you are deathly silent because you don’t want to face the wrath of a superstar like Salman Khan. Ammirite?

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