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This Jaipur Girl’s Travel Story Will Make You Want To Ditch The Heat & Pack Your Bags

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  •  June 22, 2016


Ah. Traveling. We underestimate its power. It rejuvenates us, and throws away the deepest of worries, it brings us closer to ourselves, and reminds us that there is so much more in the world, that we haven’t seen.

The fresh air flowing through the strands of our hair, and so much for our eyes to consume, so much to feel, so much to breathe. That’s what traveling is. A juncture where a human truly meets their soul.

I met Varshika Jain, the girl who lives to travel. She makes sure to pack her husband and three-year-old on every trip. For their next destination, the three-year-old marshmallow drew out a chit and that’s how Bali was next to create memories for the trio.

The trip started with a blunder when their baggage got lost in the transit. The realization only devoured them when they patiently waited for their suitcases at the baggage claim. Imagine, after a twelve-hour flight, and staring at a moving belt studded with colorful luggage, you figured out that something was wrong.

Thankfully, Varshika had packed a cabin bag with the essentials. Their trip to Bali had already begun on an adventurous note. Varshika added:

It was a complete honeymoon package, though a friends’/ family getaway isn’t too bad an idea, either! Bali has a lot to offer.

You can select the luxury property, and even live dangerously with the adventure water sports, you can chill during the day, and get mesmerized by the nightlife. Here are the three locations where we stayed:

1. Nusa dua 3nights Tanadewa  villas.
2. Jimbaran 2nights Ayana resorts.
3. Seminyak 3nights Akasha villas.

Our first day in Tanadewa Villas was amazing, after checking into the hotel, we visited the beach club (Agendaz) and went shopping to the market right opposite to our resort. If you want, you can just relax after your long flight.

Our second day was a full trip to Ubud where we visited the Batuan Temple, Rice paddy fields, the waterfall, the coffee and spice plantation, the monkey forest, the Ubud main street and of course, did a lot of shopping! 

The next day, we stepped on to the Ayana beach, it’s really heaven on Earth. The way our feet felt against the soft sand, they thrust inside the sand, and tiny sea shells were all around us. The tropical weather wasn’t a problem anymore. The farthest point that I looked at was just water. I could sit there and stare at it for hours at a stretch. 

And just when we thought that the awesomeness would end there, we were introduced to ‘water sports’.


SEAWALK! Has nothing to do with moonwalk! We were taken towards the deeper side of the sea, where there were many coral reefs and rich marine life. There were safety jackets and helmets that we’d adorned. What’s great about this is that your face and hair don’t even get a taste of water. We climbed down the ladder inside the sea and walked.

I gotta say, no words can describe that feeling. Walking among those creatures that we only see on our Television screens and wonder, how they’d live in the deep blue sea?

There were Zebra fish, star fish, underwater trees, swinging from left to right. I won’t lie, it was initially scary!

Quick tip for the Sea Walkers: BARGAIN! A LOT!

I felt like I was flying on Harry Potter’s firebolt while Para Sailing. Even though it was my first time, it was still as beautiful as ever.

You can hire a scooter or a chauffer driven car, or rent a car yourself, to explore the city on your own.

Quick tip if you take that CRUISE:  Ask for a vegetarian meal if you’re a pure vegetarian well in advance. Do verify it, too. As a bonus, you get a free pickup and drop.


You can spend your entire day at the Bali safari and Marine drive. Make a reservation in advance, and book your free pickup and drop shuttle. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Seminyak. Um, I’d suggest you to try the jungle hopper plan for the Bali safari.

They have back to back shows and a lot of things are a part of it. They will make sure you have the closest encounter with animals. Just be strict with your timings, and you’ll be able to cover everything offered to you!

What to eat?

Oh, Greek Salad, though no pizzas, please.

Do visit the Rock Bar, without that your trip to Bali is incomplete! You will get the Indian cuisine here and there so don’t worry if your tummy craves some home food.

End your trip with a Balinese massage, it will be worth it!

What she learnt

Every time I travel, I get to learn something:

  • I’m a more positive person, now.
  • I became a storyteller
  • It geared me up for the next trip.
  • It’s better to see the world than just own a little part of it.



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