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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

JWB Intern

Dear Dream Girl, Limiting Your Tweets To Films Is Not The Answer

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  •  July 16, 2016


Hema Malini had decided to limit her Twitter to her movie and dance updates. Last month was a little harsh for the actress, Hema Malini. While the people of Mathura were engulfed with tension, she tweeted a picture of herself shooting for her film Ek Thi Rani. Her tweet created a ruckus amongst trolls who stopped at nothing to insult her for her mistake.




Since then, she has decided to stop tweeting about politics and limiting her Twitter page. Personally, I think it is wrong. We know that she was scared about herself being trolled again but not tweeting about political issues is not the answer.





The trolls’ main target is to silence people and more often, women. As women, we should not let trolls affect us! We should not be afraid to voice our opinions and continue moving forward in this direction. It is important for us to be present during discussions like these and not let trolls affect or overpower us.

So, dearest Dream Girl, continue being the amazing artist that you are, but don’t run away from tweeting about political problems. As a politician and a woman, your views are important.

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