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Kritika Modgil


Deepak Ramola Unveils The Woman #UnderTheHijab

  • JWB Post
  •  October 3, 2016


Hijab is not just a piece of cloth on a woman’s head, it is a powerful symbol of showing the world how truly diverse Muslim women can be. But, that’s not how many of ‘us’ understand.

Blinded by the million things that we’ve heard from people we never met, a woman under the hijab is looked upon as a voiceless being. What we fail to see here is the beauty that she holds, the power she possesses and the liberated ideas that she carries.

Deepak Ramola, the Mumbai-based educator had a close encounter with a Syrian girl, Sarah, called a terrorist by a bystander for wearing a Hijab in Hamburg. With an initiative to demolish the stereotype, on 23rd September, Deepak uploaded an image in the series with a caption ‘#UnderTheHijab is an incredible identity.’

“As an educator and a human being, I don’t want young minds to form hateful impressions of hijab-clad girls and women. The only way I know one can help change this perspective is using art. Art in its very core has the power of mass revolution and changing mindsets,” Ramola said in his post.

Deepak Ramola

Soon more illustrations poured in from all over the world captioned “#UnderTheHijab is…” Here are some of these:

“#UnderTheHijab is power.”

Sadhna Prasad

“#UnderTheHijab is you and me.”

Advithi Emmi

“#UnderTheHijab is belief.”

Arjun Paul

“#UnderTheHijab is contemporary and forever.”

Mohna Singh

“#UnderTheHijab is playfulness.”

Chithkala Ramesh

“#UnderTheHijab is tenderness.”

Shilpa Pramesh

“#UnderTheHijab is a personality.”

Josh Worall

“#UnderTheHijab is the universe of diversity.”

Laila Waziralli

“#UnderTheHijab is us. It could be one of us, and still do everything.”

Naquiyah Attarwala

“#UnderTheHijab is an innocent soul and the nurturer of mankind.”

Sneha Nautiyal

“#UnderTheHijab is endurance.”

Poornima Sukumar

“#UnderTheHijab is beauty inside and out.”

Noreen Lalimamode

“#UnderTheHijab is dignity.”

Ajaz Siddiqui

“I am a thousand splendid suns #UnderTheHijab.”

Apoorva Bakshi

“#UnderTheHijab is ‘the modesty of a woman’.”

Prateeti Varma

“#UnderTheHijab is a free spirit.”

Sandhyashri Venugopal

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