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Priya Motiani

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Liked An Outfit That You Saw On TV? Here’s How You Can Get It!

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  •  July 1, 2016


I have a confession to make. I have been abnormally stalking every bag store that comes my way. Sometimes, I have also gone out of the way to do the same. Online. Offline. Retail. Wholesale. You name it; I have stalked it!

Why you ask?

Because ever since I have seen the movie Letters to Juliet, I have been drooling over the tan, brown Messenger Bag that Amanda Seyfried carries. If only there were a way to find stuff that we see on tv! Sigh!

*Divine intervention announces in the backdrop* Thy wish has been granted!

Pardon me for being a little too dramatic, but having a website that helps you track down the fashion you see on tv does make me really happy! Check out!

There are 4 types of quests that you can make.

Upload the image of the dress/bag/sock/umbrella/bracelet etc. that you want, and allow the users of the community to send you links as to where you can find the product or things similar to the product.

So, does that mean that you can get stuff similar to what the celebrities and the on-screen cast of tv series wear? Yep!

Think that’s all? You’ve been too presumptuous!

Another thing that this website lets you do is seek fashion advice. You can totally put up a picture and ask people if it is Yay or Nay!

Think you’ve got the perfect outfit but confused about which accessories/footwear to pair it with? Put it out on seenit and let the universe advice you.

Can’t decide which of the two options to pick? Ah! Now, it’s pretty obvious what you’ve gotta do. Upload both the options on the website and ask This or That?

Awesome, eh? Well, I’ve got my teammate Anvita to thank for bringing it to my notice!

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