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Sakshi Lakhotia

JWB Intern

Did You Know That There Are LGBTQ Pride Emojis? Check Them Out!

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  •  June 28, 2016


What would using Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp be without emojis?


Today, there’s an emoji for everyone. There are emoticons that don’t only represent our “emotions” but also our choice of food & drink, transport, and even the Apple watch! I’m not kidding. There’s an Apple watch emoji on your keyboard RIGHT NOW!

While there have been emoticons that enable everyone across the planet to embrace their individuality, the LGBTQ Community was left out. Not anymore!

Due to the lack of LGBTQ symbols, this man has designed some for us. These Emojis are just what the world needs to see!

Transgender Symbol

Upside-Down Triangles

Pride FlagsBisexual Triangles And MoonsLambdaThe White Knot


Green Carnation


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