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Everything You Need To Know About Why JWB Is Now Indian Women Blog

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  •  January 27, 2017


Do you remember the first time when life changed for us? We graduated from Primary school and had to suddenly use pens. Bottles of ink were bought, and often even spilled.

Jaipur Women Blog’s report card is out, too. And, though, it’s been a while since we crossed Jaipur’s pink walls, it was just too tough to let go of the pencils.

And, Jaipur Women Blog became on all social media platforms.

Now, now. Before you bring out your tissues thinking that it’s the end of an era, let me stop you right there. Jaipur Women Blog is not dissolving. No, sir. It will still exist as a hyper-local page on our upcoming website indianwomenblog.org.

Even though we had been thinking about the decision for quite some time, we didn’t know it would happen today. So, really, when Dr. Sudhir Sharma came up to us and said it was to be done today, Lady Boss Ana, Lavanya and I just stared at each other. Ahem, I hadn’t washed my hair and hence, the weirdness in the picture, Lovy was in a slightly better condition. Lady Boss Ana, had luckily washed her hair. (Why did I surrender to the cold this morning?!)

Well, about the men in our team… they were just sorted in life because hair issues were never in existence for them. And, while they are putting in an enormous amount of effort into building Indian Women Blog, we’re letting our emotions flow.

How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby once said, “Sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things.

But hey, that’s the incredible thing about Indian Women Blog; it’s a nice, beautiful new entity who will continue to give the respect that a mother deserves to JWB.

Even though we’d been in a disguise for quite some time, Jaipur Women Blog, in the form of Indian Women Blog is now officially a national platform for women to share their stories.

Hey, JWB, we’re so proud. <3

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