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Young Entrepreneur Anugya Khandelwal Shares The 3 Success Rules To Live By With IWB

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  •  January 30, 2017


When your passion turns into a business, there is no bigger victory in life.

Anugya Khandelwal of Jaipur has tasted a smidge and a half of this triumph. Being brilliant in academics, clearing CA and thereafter, opening up her own café namely Flavours24, this is only the beginning.

She says, “I chose to do CA not only for my parents but also because this course promises professional excellence in every aspect of life.”

How has CA helped you in your café business?

It helped me see what the economy looks like as a whole. I have knowledge regarding accounts and tax now – and that really aids me in my business. Also, I did an articleship in The Big Four Mumbai, the four largest professional services networks, offering audit, assurance, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services.

There, I learned how people carry themselves in a corporate arena. How they interact with the clients effortlessly and how they sell their service. Here, I sell my product with that learning.

It was my experience in Mumbai that propelled me to start a business in the first place. If I had not gone there, I would have always had the pleasure of luxury here in my own house and hometown. To get out, live alone, explore and organize yourself is a different thing altogether and a phenomenal transition as well.

“There was never a point in my life where I did not want to study, Call it due diligence or the fear of being insulted for bad marks in school or home.”

Any challenges you faced in opening up this franchise?

Flavours24 originates from Goa. And, yes. Choosing what to sell was a taxing task. What food item will enthrall Jaipurites?

Then, I came across nonfat and sugar-free frozen yogurt and that instantly clicked.

Another challenge was setting the place up. My mom and I were responsible for the interior and furniture that would go in. The team from Goa helped us from the phone, though. Initially, they offered to send in their team which would set up but we declined. It was my project and I wanted to keep giving it my touch from the start.

Dealing with vendors can be troublesome, too. You have to be tough inside out, state what you want and things will work out in the end.

People have ever-flourishing businesses in today’s time because their ancestors set those up for them. We started Flavours24 from scratch!

An advice from your mother about this business that stuck with you throughout?

She told me that patience is the key to success. The first three months of the business were dull and eventful. The sale was low and that was the time when Mom dropped these wonderful words in my head and it all made sense. At first, I reprimanded myself for opening up a business but Mom told me to stay devoted till the end.

Every day, a new lesson comes our way. My Mom and I learned the value of patience, the act of staying quiet when a customer complains or even dealing with the staff members but starting your own business is a bittersweet experience with didactic effects.

A habit that mom inherited from me is planning her day. One should always place a lot of value on organizing their events and plans.

Encourage women to start a restaurant/café business!

Is there anything we can’t do? We are flying planes, running countries so a café business should be a piece of cake, right? However, you have to grow a backbone when you enter the corporate world and the support of your family or someone else is also very significant.

People crave male authority, but I want to change their mindset. Women can be equally authoritative in their decisions and actions and it’s time certain people stop judging women for it.

Three things that make you a successful female entrepreneur?

First, having a balance in personality. Don’t be excessively polite or rude to ANYONE whether it is your staff or customers.

Second, being bold. Never bat an eyelash when you are unsure. Carry yourself with agility and confidence.

Forget gender and its concept. If you are dealing with a male vendor, don’t act uncertain or intimidated by him. You’re a warrior. Gender should be the last of your worries.

Third, having an impeccable ability to interact with people. You should be able to strike a conversation with anyone about anything. Think: it could be the intermittent weather or even the rise and fall of Pokémon Go!

“I feel successful to a retain extent. Why? I was decent in academics. I managed to secure a sought after professional degree, I have started a business before getting married and mostly because beneath all of that, I feel real, lively and ambitious.”

What would you say to your nineteen-year-old self?

“Hey, 19 year old me! All the dreams that you have lined up in your head will come true so don’t worry too much, okay? We don’t want gray hair so early! You will go to Mumbai for three years and do what you always wanted to do. Seriously. I know you are fearless.”

What kind of impact would you like to make on the society?

I would say to the girls out there that be driven when it comes to your passion. Get out of your house, see the world in the natural light and explore. Leap out of your comfort zone. I know it will be scary but sometimes, taking risks in life is very beneficial. Get out of that safe net made by your parents and observe that being independent can be a marvelous feeling, too. If boys can go out to study then why can’t girls?

“When the business commenced, some people questioned me about it and what the point was going to be of it, after all. I calmly explained to them that this is what I had always wanted to do and that CA and business are interlinked. I did not get angry by their judgments or mockery.”

If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach in school?

I would become a counselor. There is something so oddly peaceful about giving suggestions to people in problems.

I feel that I have a strong acumen of an understanding about what bothers people. I would counsel them about karma, the circle of life and a need to brew more positive thoughts.

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