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Filter Wali Makeup Didi Goes Unfiltered With JWB

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  •  August 7, 2016


Using makeup can be hard. Not all of us are amazing at contouring and highlighting our faces. But, many women/girls like me end up looking like pandas while trying to perfect a winged eyeliner stroke. 

Makeup Didi is one of us. Her videos have been trending from the past few days over Instagram and Snapchat. She usually complains about how her makeup artist/didi hasn’t given her the right look.

Who’s the face behind those Snapchat filters?

Well, her name is , and she is an amazeball comedian. I had to call her up, and now I think that she’s super lively and badass! On the usual, makeup didi, Mallika makes her own comedy sketches on YouTube, which by the way are hilarious. On Instagram, she makes videos from the points of view of dadi, two sisters Kanchan and Komal and of course, Makeup didi.

Eid Mubaarak guys. Makeupdidi just scored a sweetheart of a new client. OR DID SHE? Sultan ki tickets toh nahin milni, toh yehi delh lo thanks. #didNoGetEidi#eidmubarak#eid#chaand #eidkachaand#baingan #babeztagram#jaimatadiletzrock #mallikadua#delhi#delhigirls#Bollywood #comedy

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

Here’s what Mallika told us.

Is there any social message behind Makeup Didi?

There’s no social message. I do it because it makes me happy.

I stalked you a little over Facebook. And, I noticed that the word ‘foodie’ is dominating in your description. Can you describe your relationship with food using the name of a Bollywood movie?

*Laughs* I love food, so the movie I choose would be Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

*nervous laughter* Please don’t judge me for stalking you.

What’s one go to makeup item?

My kajal.

What’s your favorite snapchat filter?

I like the one where you can get blushing puffy cheeks. It keeps appearing and disappearing now and then.

Hi goodnight 🍭

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

OMG! That filter is so cute! I love how it makes you look so chubby-wubby!

What other body parts would you like to use makeup on?                  

None *laughs* face and nails are enough.

I’m honestly a little curious about the whole concept of contouring limbs.

What lipstick colour are you in the mood for today?

Brick orange!

What does body positivity mean to you?

A part of it means being happy with your body but I think that it also means looking after your body and making sure that you’re not using something that’ll harm it or make it ill.

Your dad is a famous journalist and has a very serious job. How did you manage to involve your parents in your video shenanigans?

Papa pancho #dubsmash #dubsmashindia

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

My parents are very chilled out with this, so I don’t worry about it much.

What’s one fruit besides strawberry that you’d like to see as a Snapchat filter?

Dafuq make-up didi! Ek look toh theek se execute kar do! — Snapchat ID-Mallikadua #berrykiss#makeupdidi #berry#makeup#lulz#lol#comedy #strawberryaankhein#jobless#strawberry #mallikadua#mahamrityunjay #jaimatadiletsrock#babeztagram#vow#🍓

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

Custard Apple.

What are some of the problems that are faced by female comedians?

As a comedian, I haven’t faced any problems so far. But we are a target to the fact that women age faster than men and are, therefore, considered less desirable. Men have it better than us in the industry. The industry looks for beauty and therefore does not consider women who have aged. 

So you’ve never faced sexist comments before? We’ve heard of many stand-up comedians who have faced sexist remarks.

I haven’t started doing stand-up yet. For now, my comedy is related to video sketches. I will do stand-up soon, though.

How do you throw shade on the patriarchy as a female comedian? 

By being myself and doing what I do. I work without a man guiding me. I think we can bash the patriarchy by just existing. Why do you need to throw shade?  I know I’ve been lucky to have liberal parents, and I know many other girls don’t have that opportunity, and I want to help them rise without ranting.

What’s one filter that you think Snapchat should create?

The Great Indian Bride.

Yes! Adding the bangles and henna will be such a plus!

MakeupDidi is SO ignorant, it's not cool. #makeup#makeupdidi#lulz#modren#rave#party#ravelook#JMD#Jaimatadiletzrock #vowz#daayan#cool

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

You made a video on types of Delhi shoppers which also included one from Mumbai. Would you describe yourself more as a Delhi shopper or a Mumbai shopper?

Definitely Delhi. I’m a Delhi girl, so I consider myself a Delhi shopper who goes to Sarojini, CP, and Select Citywalk.

What is your dream role as an actor?

The lead. I’d love to play that role in any movie.

And what genre would you prefer acting for?

I want to experiment and not limit myself to comedy.

Your videos are going viral. What else is viral in your life?

Honestly, it is stomach infections, lol. I eat a lot of street food and have a very sensitive stomach.

Street food is honestly the best. Nothing can beat kachoris and pani puri!

Makeup Didi, Mallika teaches us how to embrace our quirks and laugh at our own selves. After all, it is said that those who laugh at themselves are often the happiest.

You can see more on her Instagram and page.

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