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Fun Facts You Should Know About Eatstory’s Food Blogger Neeru & Photographer Gurjas

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  •  September 10, 2016


If Mim The Mobile Girl came to life, she should look like Food Blogger Neeru Singh. Thanks to the blunt bob and giggling face.

When I met Eatstory‘s Neeru and her friend Photographer, Gurjas Bal, I knew this dinner wasn’t going to be a regular one. It turned out – we ended up clicking more selfies than food.

Me: How did you two meet?

Neeru: We went to the same college before we parted ways to pursue higher studies. Upon returning to Delhi, I graduated him from a BFF to a food-BFF as he accompanied me for every food walk around the city.

Gurjas: It’s been thirteen years of friendship and two years of Eatstory.

Me: What motivated you to begin Eatstory?

Neeru: I am a trained Pastry Chef and have always enjoyed sharing recipes and reviews of the food I eat outside. Slowly, people started asking for my advice regarding eateries, etc. That’s when Gurjas made me realize my capability as a Food Blogger.

Gurjas: She’s always been one talented woman. She is extremely focused and is clear about her choices. Working with her is fun and an experience in itself.

Me: On this note, what have you learned from one another?

Gurjas: Eating non-vegetarian food!

Neeru: Technical knowledge of running a blog.

Me: Eatstory is a simple yet unusual name. Was it a joint effort?

Gurjas: She wanted it to be Mad Cow Eats.

Me: What??? LOL.

Neeru: *laughs* And even though when we zeroed in on this ‘simple’ name, people took their time to understand it. One such human thought it was Heat Story.

Me: This is funny. Moving on, talk about your work mechanism. I can only think of food coma.

Neeru: *laughs* Our work ethics are very simple yet strict. We don’t really do famous food chains unless there is a menu change or entry of a new Chef. Second, we don’t lie about the taste. I write exactly how my tongue, heart, and brain feel. After all, we look for honest reviews online. Don’t we? Third, we visit cities to review the local food. We never check other bloggers and famous food joints on the internet. We like to unearth the hidden ones.

Me: Commendable!

Neeru: I started this blog to spread happiness more than anything else.

Me: Hmm, moving on. What has been the weirdest food you’ve eaten so far?

Neeru: Pigeon.

Me: And, experiment?

Neeru: Dark Chocolate & Zucchini Loaf.

Gurjas: Boy, it was DELICIOUS. By the way, Neeru is currently obsessing over jams. Her refrigerator is now flooding with various flavors.

Me: Really? Invite me over or courier few to Jaipur when you go back? Anyhoo, what’s that one advice you give to all food enthusiasts?

Neeru: Study food.

Gurjas: Just because you are an excellent driver doesn’t mean you can be an F1 racer. I am a Food Photographer, but trust me I can’t prepare Maggie noodles.

Neeru: He always adds extra water. I mean, you gotta measure the water before pouring it in.

Me: Ahem.

Neeru: Trust me, food can make and break your mood. I shed tears when food isn’t good.

Gurjas: She has a point.

Me: What’s your favorite food phrase?

In chorus: Pigging out!

Me: High-five!

Are you still wondering why we need food bloggers? Because duh, ‘Wow! Amazing’ being the only phrase in our food dictionary ain’t enough!

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