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Great Video to check on Breast Cancer symptoms

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  •  May 5, 2015

JWB Team urges you to Free Taboobs – do you remember our energetic campaign to create awareness about the breast cancer? We continue to strive against taboos that restrict us to talk freely about this health issue.

Bengaluru-based service Narayana Health Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Center launched this video last week in an attempt to educate Indian women. We really loved this simple video that informs us about breast cancer symptoms and teaches us how to recognize the warning signs via an easy self-checkup.

According to the video, it is estimated that 1 in 22 women are afflicted by this type of cancer in India. Today, breast cancer is reportedly one of the most common cancers in most Indian cities, and the second most common in rural areas. Statistics from Breast Cancer India also show that almost 48 per cent of breast cancer patients are aged below 50, and the numbers of women in the 25-40 age group category are growing.

Hashtagged Detect2Protect, the video advises women on exactly when and how to check for breast cancer in 5 simple steps.

Remember, that early detection can save your life. So, do bother yourself with utmost self-care!

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