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Komal Panwar


Guess Which DC Comic Character Is Declared Queer?

  • JWB Post
  •  September 30, 2016


Guess who is now a part of the DC Comics’ LGBT group? It’s Wonder Woman! In a recent interview with writer Greg Rucka, it was confirmed that Wonder Woman, also called Diana of Themyscira is QUEER!

She said that it was the most logical outcome considering  that she lived on an island that was only inhabited by women. So yeah, there was some queer culture flowing.

“It’s supposed to be paradise. You’re supposed to be able to live happily. You’re supposed to be able… to have a fulfilling, romantic and sexual relationship,” he said. “And the only options are women.”

But, has Wonder Woman been in love before?

“As [artist Nicola Scott] and I approach it, the answer is obviously yes. And it needs to be yes for a number of reasons.”

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