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Lavanya Bahuguna


Here’s How Princess Diya Kumari, Raveena Tandon, & Entrepreneur Kalyani Saha Achieved Financial Independence

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  •  November 16, 2016


JWB attended an event at FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi that invited women from different walks of life to discuss how women entrepreneurship can bring a positive change in the society.  

The guest speakers included Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon, and Entrepreneur Kalyani Saha Chawla. Organized by Jaipur’s Bela Badhalia, FLO National Governing Body Member, the event also turned out to be a great stage to launch ‘Dyuti’ under FLO’s women empowerment program, SWAYAM.

Entrepreneur and noted jewelry designer, Bela, revealed that Dyuti is going to be one of the first jewelry brands in India that will empower the non-working women seeking financial independence.  She said, “We’ve planned to give women a flexible earning opportunity wherein they can work from home. We have formed various silver jewelry kits, and according to one’s convenience, women can come forward to buy them at wholesale prices. You can then trade the affordable designer jewelry among your family members and in the peer group.”

Vinita Bimbhet, President FLO, said, “The GDP of our country can increase from 16% to 60% simply by enabling women to participate in the economy. Dyuti is promising the launch of many such capable women entrepreneurs. We’re fortunate to be a part of this progress.”

Vinita and Bela then invited Princess Diya Kumari, Raveena Tandon and Kalyani Saha Chawla to share their experiences and further invite audience for an open discussion. Below are the excerpts from the talk:

HH Diya Kumari: Even though I was born in a royal family, my parents never allowed me to get accustomed to its comforts and leisures. This built in me a sense of responsibility and independence. It is my upbringing that has let me explore myself, become the voice of my people (as an MLA), and stand tall as an entrepreneur. All I want to focus here is, if every parent starts inculcating these similar values in their kids, we can develop our nation into one of the top-most GDPs in the world.

As a politician representing the beautiful Sawai Madhopur, I am currently focused on providing vocational training to rural women who never got a chance to make it big in life. From 10, we are now 300 women. I think the transition has started, slowly but steadily. And all of us are a part of this revolution.

Kalyani Saha: I have never shied away and said ‘OMG’ whenever a new task comes my way.  I had the courage to start the first lifestyle brand in Kolkata called ‘Kalyani’. I was into export business for 13 years and I made sure I employed underprivileged women and empowered them.

After I got divorced, I was left with no money. And so, I had to begin everything from the scratch and that’s when I realized how important it is for every woman to stand on her feet. For herself and for her kids. The time was difficult but proved to be the biggest lesson of my life. To be honest, I took more in my hands than I could handle. But I am proud, I could do it. Today I am invincible.

Raveena Tandon: My father taught me the value of hard-earned money. I was paid for every task I was handed over by my grandparents and parents. For example – I remember getting Rs. 10 for cleaning the car. I learned that without hard work and merit, I am not going to go any far. I applied the same formula in the film industry and could overshadow many stereotypes clouding the women actors. The environment at my home shaped my personality. I remember learning changing car tyres and ride two-wheelers. The equality at home back then made me head-strong for the future.

I read somewhere that India has about 30% women at the top managerial positions whereas globally, they are just 24%. Strange, we are still called the third world! I mean, we have had women Prime Ministers right from the beginning.

To conclude, JWB thinks that it is the women who have the power to take charge of their lives and be whatever the hell they want to be in life. The world can’t stop them unless they allow it. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a well-to-do family, all of us must strive to become financially independent. Do you agree with us?

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