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Lavanya Bahuguna


We Can’t Keep Calm Because Jaipur’s Bearded Men Are Here!

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  •  December 10, 2015


What Rosario Dawson said about growing a beard is something every man wishes for.

“When I was a kid, I had this idea that I would have a beard when I got older. I thought it’d be nice to rub my chin.”

Sadly, it’s not that easy.

So how tough is it to grow a beard and maintain it? I, along with fellow Blogger Komal, went on to meet four Jaipur men who took part in Movember a.k.a No Shave November. Apart from taking beard-grooming tips from these cavemen, together we burst few myths the world holds about men.

Shall I start from the day I went on a search for them?


Hello #Jaipur Men!Did you take up the #NoShaveNovember challenge? I want to meet all of you over a cup of coffee or a…

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I have always admired men with beards. Sadly, two of my dear friends who have religiously followed ‘No Shave November,’ couldn’t be a part of this story.


Say no to smoking but yes to Al Pacino swag. 😀

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But hey, it was my girlfriends who helped me out! They tagged their friends who’d observed the Movember month. You know what fascinates me the most about beards – it’s their very transition from being called a “Bad Boy’s choice” to getting recognized as a ‘Loyalty Beard’. Sigh…how I would love to see my man in an untamed beard.


Clockwise: Akshat, Akhil, Manav & Sonal

Meeting all these stranger beard-men made us a little nervous, to be honest.

Interestingly, all of them were new to each other, too.

Traumatically, we reached late. To ease things out, Komal asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Meet Akshat Trivedi, a Builder


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Akhil Sharma, a Businessman


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Manav Dutta, a Student



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Sonal Jain, a Chartered Accountant


Khushboo Jain this is something to make u jealous and fall in love as well… Papa and Hiyara..

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Are you drooling over them, already? I won’t judge you.

Me: Let me begin with the most obvious question – why ‘No Shave November’?

Sonal: I was tired of using the razor.

Akhil: Pirates were extinct ing. 

Akshat: We’re wild and young and free!

Manav: When it’s dark, you see the stars.

Komal: Seriously, guys?

Me: Welcome to the ocean of weird answers. From this moment, I am attuned to interview men. All of you know how giant the movement of ‘No Shave November’ has become worldwide. How do you think you have contributed to the cause?

In chorus: We’ve donated the money we would’ve spent on shaving for those fighting the battle of cancer.

Komal: See, even our photographer Himanshu has got a beard!

Akhil: Himanshu, I have seen you somewhere.

*Confused Himanshu smiles*

Komal: Movember majorly focuses on cancer that is common among men with Colorectal Cancer and Prostate cancer. What else, do you think, should be brought into the limelight?

Akhil: Our sentiments. It’s a very ‘touchy’ subject.


Me: Come again?

Sonal: Are we still talking about the medical conditions? Because my brother is trying to bring up a subject most of the people overshadow, that is, our sentiments.

Me: So while the iron is hot, let’s discuss the stereotypes surrounding men?

*Manav nods head*

Akshat: For example, crying is alright. Men cry.

Sonal & Akhil

Sonal: And also, it’s not their duty to dive into stress and unbalance their blood pressure. Just because men are called the ‘Head of the Family,’ they think all the pressure is on their shoulders.

Komal: Being a women’s blog, we will make your voice reach the masses. *winks*

Everyone, except Manav: Thank you very much.

*Manav nods heads*

Me: Did you have to face opposition in order to keep your beards messy & growing?

Sonal: I had to convince my boss. I presented him with the example of Mr. Narendra Modi. He’s the most professional person I’ve ever known, and he keeps a beard.

Akshat: For me, it’s like – No Shave November Jeewanbhar. Hence, nobody objects anymore.


Akhil: I am the first in my family to observe Movember. Though, I got compared to my clean-shaved-handsome brother throughout, I stayed adamant to not mow my lawn.

Komal: And Manav, what about you?

Manav: Huh?

Komal: Huh??????


Me: He is happy high. Aren’t you, Manav?

*Manav giggles*

Me: Were you christened with funny names during this month?

Manav: Uhum…I was called a terrorist.

Komal: And the rest of you?

Akhil: One of my employees started greeting me very indifferently. He would bend and say, “Akhil Baba ki jai ho!”

Akshat: Well, I did receive few awkward glances on the streets, though.

Meanwhile, Sonal’s wife served us hot coffee with some lip-smacking snacks. That called for a mini break. During which, I decided to stalk the Instagram account of ‘The Gay Beards,’ one of the coolest duos on the internet. These two BFFs love decorating their ‘staches with everything from sequins to popcorns! 😀

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius

A photo posted by The Gay Beards (@thegaybeards) on


We know, it’s corny. ??

A photo posted by The Gay Beards (@thegaybeards) on


Roses are red, violets are blue, if you repost this picture we just might send a print to you! (winner announced tomorrow night) ??

A photo posted by The Gay Beards (@thegaybeards) on



Do you think THIS is not manly?

Duh, are you one of those who thinks masculinity comes from one’s body hair? -_-

Using the latest collection of the stylish men’s brand – – we were armed with a fun activity. PRIVÉ knows how to gel sophistication with quirk. Its prints are everything from zig-zag to florals to block prints! Check out what PRIVÉ made our boys do!

Komal: So we’ve got some really stylish pocket squares from PRIVÉ with us. All you gotta do is use them as props and brrrreak the societal taboos.

Sonal: Let’s begin with ‘Men don’t cry’ one.

Me: Why not? So who’s going to go first?

*Everyone points towards Manav*

Manav: Huh? Alright, let’s think my girlfriend has ditched me, and I am howling out of pain.

Surprisingly, Manav did an impressive job and trolled the society that thinks ‘Mard ko dard nahi Hota.’


Komal: When do you cry, Sonal?

Sonal: When I am angry.


Sonal’s wife from another room: And while chopping the onions.

Me: Wow, we’re happy to meet men who don’t refrain themselves from helping women in the kitchen.

Manav & Akshat

Akshat: You know what, I cried when Paul Walker died.

Akhil: Dude, the world cried when he died. *sob sob*

Me: It’s time we break another taboo – Men don’t wear Pink!

Komal: Do you guys wear colors that are considered feminine?

In chorus: All. The. Time.

Me: But all of you are in black, gray and blue at the moment.

Akhil: And so are you, dear Lavanya & Komal.


Komal: Moving on, can I request all of you to wear these stylish pocket squares and pose for our shutterbug!

Me: Even Himanshu can pose alongside.

Akhil: Damn I can’t remember, but I have seen you somewhere.

Everyone, except Akhil: Oh forget it, already!

*Drumrolls* look at them!

Manav & Sonal rocking pink color!

Akshat & Akhil spotting florals

Manav: Let’s also click a selfie, like women do all the time?

Me & Komal: Excuse me!

L to R: Akshat, Akhil, Manav & Sonal

Komal: And the last taboo we would like to break is – Men don’t play with dolls. Anyone?

Akshat: I still have my Teddy Bear collection intact with me.

Komal: Thank you, everyone. We had a lovely time talking to each one of you.

Akhil: FYI, bearded men cuddle better. AND, cuddling the beard in return can give your man orgasm?

Me: Okay, it’s time we wrap up for today.

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